Feature Stories

A Ram and a Phoenix

In ancient Greek mythology, the phoenix is a symbol of strength and renewal, rising from the ashes. The amazing rise of Phoenix Dugger (B.S., ’17) has occurred in the course of his relatively brief professional career and, currently, in the time of coronavirus.

Member Spotlight: Allan (B.S., ’69; M.S., ’75) and Janet Eddy

Allan and Janet Eddy have an enduring relationship with CSU. Allan earned two degrees from the University, and all three of their children attended: Cheryl (B.S., ’91; M.S., ’93), Sandra (B.S., ’93), and Tom. In addition, Janet and Allan retired from CSU and have volunteered with the University for many years.

Trailblazers as Students and Alumni

Trailblazing alumni Grafton St. Clair Norman and George Cooper reflected hope that the Colorado Agricultural College’s (later Colorado A&M) land-grant mission of greater opportunity and access to higher education would one day apply to everyone.

Driven to Succeed

This Monday, June 15, Cheryl Seidel Richards (B.A., ’90; M.S., ’92) became president of the Charlotte, North Carolina campus of Johnson & Wales University. Her distinguished career in higher education as well as her CSU degrees in speech communication and student affairs in higher education make her uniquely qualified to lead a university in these challenging times.

CSU News and Sports

Spur Moves Ahead

Hundreds of people from across metro Denver and Colorado were set to gather April 30 to celebrate the groundbreaking for Spur, the innovative new campus of the Colorado State University System at the National Western Center. Then COVID-19 changed everyone’s plans.

Professional Resources

Virtual Learning and Engagement

Your Alumni Association is here to meet you right where you are in this time of social distancing and uncertainty. We’ve converted several of our professional development workshops, young alumni events, and even some of our Alumni Nights Out into virtual learning and engagement opportunities for you to take advantage of from the comfort of your home.

Being Held Accountable for Your Goals

Two researchers at Harvard have spent nearly 30 years studying the reasons that we tend to fall short of our goals and have given us brilliant solutions for reversing the natural human tendencies that cause it.

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