Member Spotlight: Rob and Linda Hoffman

The Hoffman family posing with CAM and a Ram Handler at Hughes Stadium in 2016.

By Ann Gill (M.A., ’76)

Rob (B.S., ’76) and Linda Hoffman (CERT., ’76) are proud Life Members of the CSU Alumni Association. Rob explains, “we think a lot of CSU, so when someone from the Alumni Association reached out, we signed up!” He also is part of a CSU legacy family.

Three generations of Rams—Carl, Alec and Rob Hoffman—in what could be an Orange Out truck in 2002.

The Hoffman family legacy began with his parents. His father, the late Carl Hoffman (B.S., ’52; M.Ed., ’60), earned degrees in animal science and education. He worked for the University’s Extension Service for most of his career; he also was the founding director of the Center for Continuing Education. His wife, Marjorie (B.S., ’53), graduated with a degree in housing and design. They were Alumni Association members. Their other son, Mark Hoffman (B.S., ’87), earned a degree in finance-real estate. Rob and Linda’s son, Alec, is the third generation of the family to become a Ram; he currently is an undergraduate studying in marketing and finance.

Rob and Linda have used their degrees in wonderful careers, both spending much of their professional lives at Hewlett-Packard (HP). After graduating with a degree in business, Rob spent 12 years in banking, followed by 30 years at HP. His first position with HP was in Boise. The company later transferred him to Fort Collins, where he worked in finance and procurement. Linda was with HP for 33 years. She became special events manager in 1993 and currently serves as a contractor for Hewlett Packard Enterprises.

The Hoffman boys, Mark and Rob, with their mother at Canvas Stadium—Rams, one and all!

The couple have been football season tickets holders for many years; indeed, football games are family functions for them. Rob proudly tells of watching the Rams play at Colorado Field, Hughes Stadium, and Canvas Stadium.  He extols the virtues of Canvas, saying, “it is a huge improvement over Hughes and a very positive influence on the University.” The couple “treated” themselves to the Outdoor Club at Canvas.

Rob also is proud of having watched basketball at both the College Avenue Gym and Moby. He recalls the amazing size of the crowds for men’s basketball games in Moby during the early 1970s. He also remembers the student protest against racial discrimination that occurred on the court when BYU played the Rams. His memories of Moby include attending a Rolling Stones concert there while he was in high school.

Rob, Linda, and Alec at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Showdown.

The couple were involved in Greek life as students. She was a Pi Phi, and he was a Sigma Nu. They met at a Greek function. This fact only adds to their warm feelings about their alma mater; Rob explains, “our association with CSU is a very positive, uplifting thing.”

Alec feels similarly about Fort Collins. He started college at Boise State University, but came back after one semester to attend CSU. “Moving back from Boise, I saw Fort Collins in a different light than when I was growing up here. The time away made Fort Collins feel more special.” Alec “ideally would like to stay in town” after he graduates. Love of Fort Collins and CSU is a family affair; perhaps there will be a fourth generation of Rams in the Hoffman family one day!