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Member Spotlight: Deep Roots Grow the Blach Legacy

Karen (B.S., ’80) and Randy (B.S., ’80) Blach are part of an extended family of more than 80 people who have attended Colorado State University. Although they have set the bar high for relatives who follow, they gladly welcome the next generation and see a bright future for CSU and its influential role in agriculture.

Vidakovich, Brickman, and a Benefit for the Arts

Alumni Association Lifetime Member Jim Vidakovich (B.A., ’69; M.A., ’76) has always been passionate about introducing kids to the arts. With the help of famed pianist Jim Brickman, he's continuing that passion by holding a benefit concert at Griffin Concert Hall on October 1.

Ram Pride in Abundance

Jenny (B.S., ’17; M.A.G.R., ’20) and Jake Bennett (B.A., ’17) have deep connections to Colorado State University, and they are now helping young alumni establish theirs, too.

FoCo Mama to the Rescue

Whether lending a hand, an ear, or even her home address, Kathy Bauer could be called many things, but to most she is simply FoCo Mama.

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How to Negotiate Salary for Your Next Job

You’ve been offered a new job and are feeling excited about the opportunity. Congratulations! What should you do next? Should you take the first offer they put on the table? Should you try to negotiate?

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