Class Notes – September 2022

Have you recently celebrated a wedding, baby, new job, promotion, or honor? Been published, moved into a new home, or welcomed a grandchild? Share your news with the CSU alumni family by submitting a class note. Approved class notes will be published here and in CSU Magazine.


Bob Sweeney (B.S., ’59) and his wife, Gerri (CERT., ’59), purchased the Gilpin County Weekly Register-Call newspaper that is 160 years old and the oldest newspaper in Colorado. The newspaper is located in Black Hawk and Central City.


Carol Marie (B.A., ‘68) and Stephen Hector Johnson (B.S., ‘68) welcomed their first granddaughter and fourth grandchild on July 22, 2022. They are retired in Dillon, Colorado, where Steve exhibits photography and they take care of three grandchildren.


Headshot of Dr. Muhammad Afzal
Dr. Muhammad Afzal

Dr. Muhammad Afzal (Ph.D., ’85) recently received a meritorious award from the World Organization for Animal Health for his contribution in diagnosis and control of animal diseases in Pakistan. Dr. Afzal served the veterinary sector of Pakistan for over 40 years and held many high-level positions, such as Chief Veterinary Officer and the Chairman of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council. Currently he leads the animal health sector team of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for Pakistan. Some of his biggest research successes include a poultry vaccine he developed in 1987, leading a bird flu control in Pakistan in 2005-6, and receiving a large USDA grant to research foot and mouth disease.

Anita Tjan (B.S., ‘86) was recently selected by the U.S. Department of State for a 10-month fellowship project training teachers and teaching English in Erzurum, Turkey at Atatürk University. She is one of 200 U.S. citizens selected for the 2022-23 English Language Fellow Program, a public diplomacy and cultural exchange. She is excited to practice the CSU value of giving back to the world.


Sara L. Weisenbach (Ph.D., ’05) has been named chief of Neuropsychology at McLean Hospital in Boston. She is a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist and a clinical translational researcher. Her career has been based on improving the quality of clinical care for individuals with cognitive and psychiatric concerns through clinical care and innovation, cutting-edge research, education and mentorship, and service to the fields of neuropsychology and geriatric psychiatry.

In Memoriam


Carol Mosher, Ph.D. (B.S., ’42)

Warren Brown (B.S., ’49)



Donald Robertson (B.S., ’51)

William Mullane (B.S., ’52)

K. Dalton (B.S., ’55; M.Ed., ’60)

James Denson (B.S., ’58)

Carl Heller (B.S., ’58)

Wallace Acker (B.S., ’59)



Donald Rogge (B.S., ’60)

BG Salvatore Villano, Jr., USA (B.S., ’61; CERT., ’61)

Richard Fenwick, Jr., Ph.D. (B.S., ’62; M.S., ’65)

Larry Simmons (B.S., ’62)

Robert Sorenson (B.S., ’62)

Larry Skinner (B.S., ’63)

Leonard Hall, Jr. (B.S., ’65)

Louis Stephenson (M.A., ’65)

Larry Eld (D.V.M.. ’67)

Jerre Fager (B.S., ’67)

Gary Spuhler (B.S., ’67)

James Tonso (B.A., ’68)

Diane Joiner (B.S., ’69)

Bill Steele (B.S., ’69)



Brian Schlagel (B.S., ’71)

Mary Lou Kallinger (M.M., ’73)

David Farden (Ph.D., ’75)

David West, Ph.D. (B.S., ’75; M.S., ’79; Ph.D., ’96; B.A., ’15)

Deborah McGinnis (B.A., ’76)

Randall Ward (B.S., ’77)

Richard Vidakovich (B.S., ’78)

Arnold Olsen (M.S., ’75; Ph.D., ’79)

Lee Whitmer (B.S., ’79)



Roy Smith (B.S., ’82)

Mark Agee (B.A., ’83)

Timothy Durnford (B.S., ’83)



James Webb (B.S., ’92)

William Hurd (M.S.W., ’94)



Tim Daniels (B.A., ’01)

Benjamin Holm (B.A., ’02)

Robert Lewis (B.S., ’05)



Marilyn Antenucci (M.A., ’12)



Stacy King

Jon Wilkinson

David Woolhiser


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Robert Burns

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Tom Holtorf

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