Member Spotlight: The Stories Rams Tell

When you visit the Iris and Michael Smith Alumni Center, you will see stories of our alma mater told on the touch screens and the wallpaper in Mindock Hall when you first enter. A bit farther back is the Ann Gill Storytelling Booth, where alumni can record their own stories and memories. Our gift to AlumLine readers this holiday season is a few of those stories told by Alumni Association members.

Crickette Miller’s (B.A., ’18) favorite memory occurred several days before graduation when she and a friend decided to walk around campus and explore every building they had not been in yet. “It was incredible.” “We saw a lot of cool things” and “learned so much from people we talked to.”  She ended by saying, “the CSU campus is beautiful; go Rams and go Class of 2018!” Watch her video here.

Gaby Carbonell
Gaby Carbonell

Gaby Carbonell (B.S., ’18) was active in the Native American Cultural Center while on campus. Like a number of Rams, among her favorite memories are good times at the Ramskeller. She also has fond memories of exercising her free speech rights on the Plaza. Watch her video here.

One Alumni Association member’s favorite memory is of Colorado weather. Pat Tracy (B.S., ’73) arrived on campus from out of state in September of 1971. A few days later a snowstorm dropped 10 inches. He wondered how the Rams played football, as he assumed the snow would stay until spring. He recalls his amazement when, “three days later, the snow was gone and it looked like spring or summer again in Fort Collins!” Watch his video here.

Storyteling Booth
Brent, Brandi, and Jackson

Life members Brent (B.S., ’05) and Brandi Buck (B.S., ’04) met in a business class, then started registering for the same classes, but they never dated while on campus. They met up again in 2011. “Now we have Jackson,” their young son, “thanks to CSU!”  They “come to every CSU game because,” as the three of them proudly chant in unison “We’re proud to be a CSU Ram!” Watch their video here.

Bill Ward (B.S.,’57), also a life member, served as Director of Alumni Relations from 1995-2001. He remembers when the alumni office was in the Student Center, then later, when it became a “center” at the former president’s house on the west end of Laurel Street. He says, in delightful understatement, the Iris & Michael Smith Alumni Center “is a little bit nicer.” Watch his video here.

Life member Al Hornung (B.S., ’61) sums up the feelings of many alumni when he says he is “proud to be a CSU Ram because of all the wonderful people.” He goes on to extol the “great environment,” calling CSU “a wonderful place to study” and “to be alumni.” Watch his video here.

As 2019 draws to a close, we send warm best wishes to all our alumni and hope you will come to campus for a visit and help us celebrate CSU’s 150-year anniversary.