Class Notes – May 2020

Have you recently celebrated a wedding, baby, new job, promotion, or honor? Been published, moved into a new home, or welcomed a grandchild? Share your news with the CSU alumni family by submitting a class note. Approved class notes will be published here and in Colorado State University Magazine.


Jaxon Thomas Fresquez

Wayne (B.S., ’71) and Carla (B.S., ’71) Feigal are proud to announce the birth of their great grandson, Jaxon Thomas Fresquez, born December 6, 2019.

Margaret Mizushima (M.S., ’75) has been named among finalists for the Colorado Book Award (Mystery Category) for her book, Tracking Game. Sponsored by Colorado Humanities, The Colorado Book Awards celebrate the accomplishments of Colorado’s outstanding authors, editors, illustrators, and photographers.


David “Colt” Simmons (B.S., ’84) ran unopposed in 2018 and assumed elective office as Assessor of Teller County, Colorado, in January 2019.


Michele Rozga (B.A., ’88), a professor of English at Norfolk State University publishes My adversary came onto the windowsill of another dream, as a bluebird (Finishing Line Press, 2020)


Marc Goldfarb (M.S.W., ’99) retired from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, as the Director of Student Health Services in the fall of 2015. He currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for the Adaptive Sports Association in Durango, a non-profit serving all ages of those with physical and cognitive challenges. He reports that his education at CSU’s School of Social Work continues to inform and inspire his daily life.

Cecilia Martinez (B.A., ’96; M.A., ’99) serves in the White House Office of Presidential Advance as Press Lead. She joined the Trump administration in 2017, after serving on President Trump’s presidential campaign. Cecilia lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her artist husband of 20 years, Fort Guerin, and their dogs.


John Poehler (B.S., ’04) published his first book, This War Within My Mind: Based on the Blog The Bipolar Battle in March. The award-winning blogger publishes articles each week on The Bipolar Battle Blog (

Zeke Rhodes in Tunisia

Zechariah (Zeke) Rhodes (B.S., ’08) moved to the war-torn region of Yida, South Sudan, after graduating from CSU. Living in a refugee camp, he worked as a community rehabilitation program coordinator for an international humanitarian aid organization. In 2010, he became an emergency program development manager working in northern Kenya and Somalia to help with famine relief, Tunisia and Libya to help with food security during the refugee crisis, and Haiti to assist with aid during the cholera epidemic. He went on to receive a master’s of science degree from the University of Liverpool in 2012. He then returned to South Sudan to work with the United Nations World Food Program, helping to implement strategies for feeding displaced people. In 2013, Zeke returned to the United States to attend medical school at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Upon earning his medical degree, he began a general surgery residency and plans to return to Africa upon completion.


Christina Shelton (B.A., ’10) received her master’s of art in leadership with a concentration in student affairs in higher education from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs this month.


In Memoriam


Walt Peacock (B.S., ’50)

Howard Borgmann (B.S., ’53)

Lt. Col. Charles Simon, USAF (B.S., ’54; M.S., ’59)

Gretchen Ryan (B.A., ’56)

Robert Pettijohn (B.S., ’57)

Jack Peverley (B.S., ’58)

John D. Marwitz (B.S., ’59; M.S., ’65)


Lewis Short (B.S., ’60)

Cecil Cropp (B.S., ’61; M.S., ’73)

Arnold Torgerson, Jr. (M.A.T., ’61)

Norman Pawlowski (CERT, ’63; B.S., ’63; M.Ed., ’65)

Edward B. Asmus (B.A., ’64)

Roberta Fria (B.S., ’65)

Thomas Hinton (CERT, ’65; B.S., ’65)

Samuel Baldridge (B.S., ’67)

Ronald Jensen (B.S., ’67)

Franklin S. Allen (B.S., ’68)

Ben Handcock (B.S., ’68)


David M. Swift (M.S., ’70; Ph.D., ’85)

Jewel Wagner (M.Ed., ’70)

Michael Pearson (B.S., ’71)

Dr. David Patterson (M.S., ’73)

Richard Conover, Jr. (Ph.D., ’74)

Fred Gibbs (D.V.M., ’76)

Scott Barber (B.S., ’78)


Donald Rogenhofer (M.Ed., ’81)

Delbert Fetter (D.V.M., ’85)

Marie Eckl (B.F.A., ’88)

Laura Myers (B.S., ’88)


Dr. Chris Eddy (B.S., ’93)

Michael Woody (B.S., ’97)


John Lawser (B.S., ’00)

Christopher Woodhull (B.A., ’00)

Megan Pfannebecker (B.A., ’01)


Tom Goding (M.B.A., ’10)


Janice Bashor

Ruth Bennett

Don Boyd

Linda Mehney

Genevie Mill

Myra Pearson

Lynn Russell

Ella Scott

Faculty and Staff

David R. Anderson (B.S., ’64; M.S. ’67)

Brent Burchfield

Dr. Bob Rademacher

Colleen Templer