Class Notes – June 2020

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McKinley’s St. Christopher on Pluto

Richard K. Sutton (B.S.,’70) published Reading the Landscape of Nebraska: An Ecological Aesthetic, which explains why we might like its wide-open spaces, how they have changed, and what their future could hold.

Andrew Clark, Ph.D. (B.S., ’75) is introducing LAVENGEL (, a homeopathic nutritional gel consisting of vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, lavender oil, and deionized distilled water, to assist in the healing of hot spots, dermatitis, insect bites, burns, and incision lines for canines and their best friends.

Nancy McKinley (M.A., ‘84) published St. Christopher on Pluto (West Virginia University Press, 2020), a novel of interlocking stories that was recently reviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air by Maureen Corrigan.

Shu Zhou. Photo courtesy Paige Beitler Photography

Shu Zhou (M.S.W, ’12) received her Ph.D. in Social Work from University of Houston in May 2019. As an international student who was born and raised in Wuhan, China, where the COVID-19 first impacted, she feels a responsibility to bring back her learned knowledge. In May 2020, Dr. Zhou initiated a translation project and collaborated with Bo’s Place – the largest grieving center in Houston, Texas. Translated materials would be available online for Chinese social workers for free.

Drew Koch (D.V.M., ’16; M.S. ’20) accepted a position in the National Institutes of Health T32 funded Comparative Medicine and Translational Research Program at North Carolina State University. After completing his large animal surgical residency and master’s degree in clinical sciences at CSU, Dr. Koch plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in cell biology during his fellowship with Dr. Lauren Schnabel of the Schnabel Lab. There, he will study novel approaches to treat orthopedic disease in the horse, including stem cell therapy for tendon injury and combating antimicrobial resistant biofilms, with the hope of one day translating the research to other species, including humans.


In Memoriam


Walt Peacock (B.S., ’50)

Howard Borgmann (B.S., ’53)

Lt. Col. Charles Simon, USAF (B.S., ’54; M.S., ’59)

Gretchen Ryan (B.A., ’56)

Robert Pettijohn (B.S., ’57)

Jack Peverley (B.S., ’58)

John D. Marwitz (B.S., ’59; M.S., ’65)


Lewis Short (B.S., ’60)

Cecil Cropp (B.S., ’61; M.S., ’73)

Arnold Torgerson, Jr. (M.A.T., ’61)

Norman Pawlowski (CERT, ’63; B.S., ’63; M.Ed., ’65)

Edward B. Asmus (B.A., ’64)

Roberta Fria (B.S., ’65)

Thomas Hinton (CERT, ’65; B.S., ’65)

Samuel Baldridge (B.S., ’67)

Ronald Jensen (B.S., ’67)

Franklin S. Allen (B.S., ’68)

Ben Handcock (B.S., ’68)


David M. Swift (M.S., ’70; Ph.D., ’85)

Jewel Wagner (M.Ed., ’70)

Michael Pearson (B.S., ’71)

Dr. David Patterson (M.S., ’73)

Richard Conover, Jr. (Ph.D., ’74)

Fred Gibbs (D.V.M., ’76)

Scott Barber (B.S., ’78)


Donald Rogenhofer (M.Ed., ’81)

Delbert Fetter (D.V.M., ’85)

Marie Eckl (B.F.A., ’88)

Laura Myers (B.S., ’88)


Dr. Chris Eddy (B.S., ’93)

Michael Woody (B.S., ’97)


John Lawser (B.S., ’00)

Christopher Woodhull (B.A., ’00)

Megan Pfannebecker (B.A., ’01)


Tom Goding (M.B.A., ’10)


Janice Bashor

Ruth Bennett

Don Boyd

Linda Mehney

Genevie Mill

Myra Pearson

Lynn Russell

Ella Scott

Faculty and Staff

David R. Anderson (B.S., ’64; M.S. ’67)

Brent Burchfield

Dr. Bob Rademacher

Colleen Templer