Class Notes – February 2020

Have you recently celebrated a wedding, baby, new job, promotion, or honor? Been published, moved into a new home, or welcomed a grandchild? Share your news with the CSU alumni family by submitting a class note. Approved class notes will be published here and in Colorado State University Magazine.

Borderlands Boy, by Ken Carpenter


Ken Carpenter (B.A., ’69) recently published a memoir including chapters on CSU and political struggles in the late1960s and subsequent career as an activist and academic, Borderlands Boy: Love, War and Peace in the Atomic Age.


Daniel Green (B.S., ’83) was recently voted in as Judge Advocate at the Union Colony Marines, Marine Corps League, in Greeley, Colorado. His son, Bryan, and daughter-in-law, Cindy, are expecting their first child in June

Scott Sparks (B.S., ’89) was named one of Forbes Magazine’s “Best-in-State Wealth Advisors” for Colorado. Sparks is a Denver-based CEO and founder of Sparks Financial, an advisory firm for retirement distribution planning.


Debbie and Mark Bibb

Debbie (B.A., ’90) and Mark Bibb (B.S., ’90) were recently honored as 2019 El Paso County Parks Volunteers of the Year in Colorado Springs for their work in establishing the Equestrian Skills Course in Bear Creek Regional Park. They have been working on this long-term project by establishing a 501c3 to work with the park to design, fund, build and maintain the only multi-level free to the public course in the country.


Monica Bourgeau (B.S., ’02) published The Change Code: A Practical Guide to Making a Difference in a Polarized World, a new book that sheds light on the discord of our times and explains how the climate of fear, blame, and polarization we’re experiencing in 2020 are actually signals that we’re in the midst of a major shift in consciousness.

Joseph Brettillo (M.S., ’03) recently became employed by the County of San Diego Agriculture Weights & Measures.

Cora (Sloan) Bonser, (B.S., ’06) and Tristan Bonser (B.S., ’07) welcomed a son born in January 2020.

Samantha McGraw wedding photo
Samuel Cler and Samantha McGraw


Samantha McGraw (M.A., ’12) met her now husband, Samuel Cler, shortly after moving back to New Jersey for her first job in 2012. They married in front of family and friends on September 22, 2019, at Hotel du Village in New Hope, Pennsylvania. They incorporated their love of biking and their two cats, April and Coda, into the wedding. They both are active members of the Bucks County Road Runners running club.

Paige Brophy (B.A., ’17) was named as the official executive director of Outdoor Lab Foundation in August 2019. Brophy previously served as the deputy executive director of Outdoor Lab Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving sixth grade students and high school students in Jefferson County.

Amy Haggard (M.S., ’17) was recently accepted to Florida State University’s Higher Education Ph. D. program for the Fall 2020 term.


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