CSU Alumni Stories

One Alum’s Inspirational Encounter with a CSU Legend

One does not expect inspirational encounters in an airport, but that is exactly what happened to Marty Lenz (B.A., ’90) on a Friday morning in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He spotted Temple Grandin, CSU professor of animal science and world-renown expert in animal welfare and autism, walking through the concourse.

Extraordinary Ram Spirit

The Larry LaSasso Spirit Award has been presented annually since 1983 to individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary spirit and support for CSU Athletics. The 2021 recipient is Joel Cantalamessa (B.A., ’95), who also received the CSU Alumni Association’s Graduate of the Last Decade Award in 2007.

Homecoming and Family Weekend 2021

A year after a Homecoming that was a bit different thanks to the pandemic, the Colorado State University community gathered together once again for traditions that have defined the Ram experience for decades.

Member Spotlight: Haley Cameron (B.A., ’15)

Haley Cameron (B.A., ’15) took a somewhat circuitous route to CSU, but once she settled in, she found a new home and a calling to make a difference through work supporting philanthropic giving to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

CSU News and Sports

Soccer player a rare student-athlete Ram Handler

School visits are designed to draw a potential student-athlete to a program and even the campus. With each prospective entrant being different, it’s not always easy to predict what may catch their eye and help them call your school home. What caught the attention of Aleyse Evers was CAM.

Professional Resources

How to Negotiate Salary for Your Next Job

You’ve been offered a new job and are feeling excited about the opportunity. Congratulations! What should you do next? Should you take the first offer they put on the table? Should you try to negotiate?

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