CSU Alumni Stories

A Lifetime of Leadership

There is no better example of what it takes to be a good and effective leader than the life of Major General Robert Halverson (B.S., '63), and his lifetime of leadership begins with his time spent in the Army ROTC at CSU.

Bird of a Different Feather

From raising chickens as a young boy in the Denver suburbs to producing the best fly fishing feathers in the world at Whiting Farms, Tom Whiting (B.S., ’80) has made a unique name for himself in the poultry industry.

CSU News and Sports

Colorado State University to provide grants for communities coexisting with wolves

As wolves grow their presence in Colorado, Colorado State University is partnering with ranchers in rural communities to develop sustainable approaches that help livestock producers reduce conflict with wolves. As part of those efforts, CSU plans to offer a series of grants through the Wolf Conflict Reduction Fund to support ranching livelihoods in landscapes with wolves.

Professional Resources

How to Negotiate Salary for Your Next Job

You’ve been offered a new job and are feeling excited about the opportunity. Congratulations! What should you do next? Should you take the first offer they put on the table? Should you try to negotiate?

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