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Honoring a Fallen Hero of Flight 93 by Helping Young Aviators

On September 11, 2001, Jason Dahl was one of the pilots on United Flight 93, whose courageous passengers and crew thwarted a terrorist attack. The plane crashed outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing all on board. National tragedies touch us all, and sometimes we discover people with intimate connections to those events close to home. Steve Jacques (B.S., ’74) is one of them.

Outfitted for Success

Camie Haskins (B.S., ’05) returned to the Colorado mountain community she grew up in after graduating from Colorado State University. There, she and her husband, Casey, built a quintessentially rugged Western business and life.

Preserving Presidential History

Where does one go to find information on President Herbert Hoover for a paper in history class or to learn the origins of a government program or agency from that era? An extraordinary number of people seeking similar information communicate with Lynn Smith, (M.A. , ’91), the audiovisual archivist at the Hoover Presidential Library and Museum in West Branch, Iowa.

Make More Realistic Resolutions

The presence of Covid has created all sorts of challenges in our day to day lives. Because of this threat that is both local and global in scope, we are all at some level of the fight or flight response most of the time. In addition to the challenges, there have been some unique opportunities as we evaluate what our lives were like pre-pandemic compared to our present circumstances.

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How to Negotiate Salary for Your Next Job

You’ve been offered a new job and are feeling excited about the opportunity. Congratulations! What should you do next? Should you take the first offer they put on the table? Should you try to negotiate?

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