Feature Stories

Running Down a Dream

Hannah Saunders Wurster (M.S., ’16; Ph.D. ’18) co-founded The Willow Collective, a network of private practitioners who support maternal, infant, and early childhood mental health services in Northern Colorado.

Health Care Globetrotters

Michael Henry (B.S. ’03) and Kathryn Bulger (B.A., ’06) knew each other in passing when they attended Colorado State University, and reunited years later to begin a journey together that has taken them all over the U.S. and Europe.

Astronauts, the Elderly, and Telomeres

Imagine the excitement of being part of the NASA Twins Study, researching health effects due to extended time spent in space, while a student at CSU. Jared Luxton (Ph.D., ’20) not only participated in this and other groundbreaking research projects, he became so skilled at working with large data sets that it launched him on a wonderful career path.

CSU News and Sports

CSU in Photos: 2020 in Review

It was an unprecedented year at Colorado State University. The events that transpired across the country in 2020 were unimaginable just a few months before the start of the year. Still, amidst the uncertainty, the campus community remained stalwart, blazing new trails in research, scholarship and social justice — embodying what it means to be a CSU Ram.

CSU researchers identify promising model for studying human aging

The proportion of older adults aged 65+ is projected to more than double by the year 2060, driving research into the process of musculoskeletal decline. Researchers at Colorado State University’s Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging believe they have found an animal model that will help them better understand it and find ways to curtail the symptoms.

Professional Resources

Advice for Finding a Remote Job

Two researchers at Harvard have spent nearly 30 years studying the reasons that we tend to fall short of our goals and have given us brilliant solutions for reversing the natural human tendencies that cause it.