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Member Spotlight: Finding community in the rarest of places

At first, Christy Texeira (B.S. '00) felt a small sense of relief when the doctor diagnosed her five-year-old-daughter, Hailey, with aplastic anemia. “There’s no good diagnosis when your child is ill, but all we were thinking at the time was ‘not leukemia,’” Christy explained. “We quickly realized that relief was out of ignorance.”  

Improving Communities and Opportunities

Juwon Melvin (B.A., ’08) has overcome a number of obstacles in his life. He not only credits those who have helped him do so but also has become a helping hand for others to find a path to a better life.

Books and Beer

Of the eleven outstanding brewers who are participating in the upcoming fourth annual Denver Beer Pairing, perhaps the most unique company name and concept is that of Fiction Beer, which is owned by Ryan (B.S., ’03) and Christa Kilpatrick (B.A., ’03).

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How to Negotiate Salary for Your Next Job

You’ve been offered a new job and are feeling excited about the opportunity. Congratulations! What should you do next? Should you take the first offer they put on the table? Should you try to negotiate?

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