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Saving Patients’ Lives

Some individuals are driven by what they want to achieve; some find their passion in what they can do for others. Carole Lenz Hemmelgarn (B.A., ’86) has spent much of her professional life devoted to patient safety.

Identity, Diversity, and Responsibility

Kyle Funakoshi (B.A., ’96; M.S., ’99) grew up in Fort Lupton and “found himself” during the summers of his high school years at CSU’s Upward Bound program. That experience provided him the knowledge and confidence to pursue higher education and laid the foundation for a career devoted to others.

Motivated and Engaged Rams

A key part of CSU’s land grant mission is to provide access and opportunity to anyone with the motivation and ability to earn a degree. Generations of our alumni illustrate the wisdom of that mission; Jeff (B.S., ’89) and Rosie Wierenga (M.B.A., ’01) are two shining examples.

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Virtual Learning and Engagement

Your Alumni Association is here to meet you right where you are in this time of social distancing and uncertainty. We’ve converted several of our professional development workshops, young alumni events, and even some of our Alumni Nights Out into virtual learning and engagement opportunities for you to take advantage of from the comfort of your home.

Being Held Accountable for Your Goals

Two researchers at Harvard have spent nearly 30 years studying the reasons that we tend to fall short of our goals and have given us brilliant solutions for reversing the natural human tendencies that cause it.

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