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For Love of the Rams

Fans at CSU men’s basketball games watch the team, band, cheerleaders, and dancers. An integral part of these basketball games, however, is largely invisible—the individuals who sit at a table along the north side of the court behind the possession arrow.

And in Sports… Joe Mazur (B.S., ’94) realizes childhood dream

Fort Collins native Joe Mazur (B.S., ’94) knew he wanted to be a sports broadcaster since he was a young child. His version of “must-see TV” was a Channel 9 sportscast. He would read the sports section of the Coloradoan newspaper aloud to his mother, honing his on-air delivery style. While at CSU, Mazur focused his studies on psychology and journalism, the content of which became relevant for his career in more ways than he foresaw.

The Coaching Life

The life of a college football coach is the opposite of sedentary; coaches are “on the move” in every sense of that phrase. Dan Hammerschmidt’s (B.A., ’87) career is the perfect illustration.

I Love CSU Day

By official proclamation by the governor of Colorado, April 18 is I Love CSU Day. Celebrate by rocking your green and gold and sharing your Ram pride far and wide!

Refuel on a Boeing KC-97

“I had a wonderful dining experience on that airplane” said no one, unless they have been to The Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs. Not only does the restaurant feature a fascinating décor of aeronautical memorabilia, but the building is attached to a Boeing KC-97, its fuselage providing 42 of the restaurant’s over 200 seats.

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CSU News and Sports

CSU Climatologist Explains Wild Weather Swings

From 78 degrees on Tuesday to snow on Wednesday? Swings like this aren’t unusual in the central United States, where weather can quickly shift from one extreme to another. That’s especially true in the springtime, when conditions turn into a roller coaster, with balmy spring days followed by abrupt returns to winter.

Ramily affair: Oglesby/Hutton clan defines CSU pride

Some things are so definitively green and gold that they perfectly illustrate CSU and everything it stands for. Think CAM the Ram. The Oval. The Aggie “A” painted on the hill west of Fort Collins. And you would also have to include families – multiple generations of students who brought their dreams to Fort Collins. And there’s no better example of that – on the athletics side, than the Oglesby/Hutton clan.