CSU Alumni Association Member Spotlight: Kacie Hermann

By Ann Gill (M.A., ’76)

Kacie Hermann (B.S., ’12) came to every home football game during the new stadium’s inaugural season, participated in the Homecoming 5K Run, attended the Rocky Mountain Showdown, and cheered on her Rams at the Glidan New Mexico Bowl that year. As she lives in central Florida, that qualifies her as a diehard Ram super fan!

Kacie with her parents at Canvas Stadium

While completing her senior year in business administration, Kacie attended a Lockheed Martin job fair, and the company offered her a subcontract administrator position in the San Francisco Bay area. She specialized in large contracts for their satellite program.

In 2016, Kacie transferred to a Lockheed Martin facility in central Florida, where she works with the Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) program. FBM builds the D5 Trident II missile, a submarine-launched Navy missile deployed with the American and British navies. Kacie says an added benefit of the move was that she arrived in Florida in time to watch the launch of two SBIRS satellites on which she had worked previously in California, an experience she describes as “thrilling.” Her job involves a great deal of travel, which helps this diehard Ram fan make it to games.

Kacie signing a poster at the 2018 launch of a SBIRS satellite she worked on.

One of the many great things about membership in the CSU Alumni Association, Kacie explains, is that it puts her in touch with other CSU alumni wherever she goes. In California, she met her best friend at a watch party for a men’s basketball game. Tailgates also are a great way to meet other alumni. She says that while you are a student, you spend all your time with Rams your age, adding that she loved Monday night bingo at the old CB & Potts on West Elizabeth. Once she graduated, however, Kacie discovered how much she enjoys meeting CSU alumni and Ram fans of all ages.

Alumni Association membership also helped Kacie connect to Ram Networks. Before long, this high-energy alumna was organizing Ram Network events. Her current goal is to establish a Central Florida Ram Network. If you live in Central Florida or know any Ram alumni who do, contact us and we will put you in touch with Kacie. Good times await you, Central Florida Rams! Our thanks to Kacie for being such a stalwart Ram.