Class Notes – October 2021

Have you recently celebrated a wedding, baby, new job, promotion, or honor? Been published, moved into a new home, or welcomed a grandchild? Share your news with the CSU alumni family by submitting a class note. Approved class notes will be published here and in Colorado State University Magazine.


Sue McHenry (B.S., ’71) spent more than 30 years in resource management with the Colorado State Forest Service, U.S. Corps of Engineers, and U.S. Forest Service. She retired in 2004 and moved to Summit County, Colorado. She currently volunteers with six local organizations and travels extensively.

John Winters (M.Ed., ’79) was appointed to the Board of Trustees for the National College Baseball Foundation & Hall of Fame. Winters retired from Bacone College and recently accepted a visiting associate professor position at Langston University, Oklahoma, this fall semester.


Ellen (Trask) Schulte (B.S., ’85), after living on her boat for two years, started Brite Boat Services with her husband doing custom canvas and repair. They have also set up a Plastic-Free Gift Shop with the motto, “Keep the Sea Plastic-Free,” in the idyllic town of Coronado, California.


Women posing for a photo in front of Keystone Financial sign
Michelle Detry, right, with a fellow Keystone International leader

Michelle Detry (B.S., ’90) transitioned her Veteran-owned small business, Keystone International, Inc., to a women-owned small business in July 2021. Detry serves as president and she and five other women are majority owners and hold the organization’s key leadership roles.

Gregory Biga (B.F.A., ’95) co-wrote a biography of hall of fame cartoonist John Severin, which will be published by TwoMorrows Publishing in December 2021.


Stefanie Posavec (B.F.A ’02) recently co-published I am a Book. I am a Portal to the Universe., meant to engage the reader and present science in a new and exciting way. I am a Book. I am a Portal to the Universe. has been shortlisted for the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize.


Paul Carringer (Ph.D. ’13) has been promoted to full professor at Columbus State Community College (CSCC), in Columbus, Ohio. He has been teaching at CSCC for 20 years in the marketing and business degree tracks. In addition, he has been a leader in the study abroad program by developing a fully funded student and faculty exchange with a technical school in Dresden, Germany.

Riley Erekson (B.S., ’17) is now a research and development scientist at Atomo Coffee, which recently launched the first-ever molecular cold brew to the online U.S. marketplace in an effort to combat the climate crisis.


Laura Studley (B.A., ’21) has been awarded the 2021 Reveille Seven College Press Freedom Award for the excellent reporting around sexual assault allegations of former Professor Ronald Holt and its aftermath.

In Memoriam

Dorothy Heideman (B.S., ’45)

Joan Propst (B.S., ’50)
Mel Johnson (B.S., ’51)
Bennie Erwin (B.S., ’52; D.V.M., ’56)
Dolores Kelly (B.A., ’53)
Harold Rupert, Jr. (B.S., ’53)
Walter Scott, Jr. (B.S., ’53; L.H.D., ’03)
Bill O’Neal (B.S., ’54)
Marvin Gelroth (B.S., ’55)
Dr. Carroll Johnson (B.S., ’55)
Bernice See (B.S., ’55)
Carol Echols (B.M., ’56)
Calista Hamill (B.S., ’56)
John Collamer (B.S., ’57; D.V.M., ’59)
James Irwin (B.S., ’57)
Sharon Joyce-Neuharth (B.S., ’57)
Ronald Covalt (B.S., ’58)
John Davis (B.S., ’59; M.A.T., ’68)

Dr. John Rees (B.S., ’60; M.S., ’65)
Ronald Sloan (B.S., ’60; M.Ed., ’68)
Darrell Whittington (B.S., ’60)
Suzanne Mason (B.A., ’63)
Eileen Jackson (B.S., ’65)
Ronald Keener (B.S., ’68)
Grace Wosu (B.S., ’68; M.S., ’69)
Gail Berman (B.S., ’69)
Jay Dee Fox (D.V.M., ’69)
Donald Glenn (B.S., ’69)
Pamela Marks (B.A., ’69)
Ronald Penton (B.S., ’69; D.V.M., ’71)

Niles Brown (M.Ed., ’70)
Raymond Rice (Ph.D., ’70)
John Clyde, Jr. (B.S., ’71)
Gail Jones (B.S., ’71)
Gerard Lameiro (B.S., ’71; M.S., ’73; Ph.D., ’77)
Lawrence Goto (B.S., ’72)
Dr. George Radosevich (M.Agr., ’72)
Dana Czoski (B.A., ’73)
Bruce Larson (M.S., ’73)
Michael Hamilton (B.A., ’74; M.A., ’77; Ph.D., ’84)
Mimi King (B.A., ’75)
Donald Musselman (Ph.D., ’76)
Janice Schull (CERT, ’77)
James Sisler (M.S., ’78; Ph.D., ’86)
Paul Clayton (B.S., ’79; M.S., ’82)
Michael Dvorak (B.S., ’79)

Linda Coker (B.A., ’80)
Scott Smith (B.S., ’80)
Richard Phillips (B.A., ’81)
John Duncan (B.S., ’84)
Christina Wilson (B.A., ’88)

Jim Sheeler (B.A., ’90)
Phillip Wossilek (B.S., ’93)

Grant Hicks (B.S., ’03)
Tanya Williams (B.S., ’09)

Stewart Ott (B.S., ’19)

Mildred Emerson
Ronald Johnson
Joyce Murray
George Reymond
Joanne Rowe
Steven Rylant
George Seidel, Jr., Ph.D.
Gary Sloan
Paul Urioste
Dee Warwick