Class Notes – November 2021

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Eldon Dunn (B.S., ’50) leads a portion of a church service each Sunday where he leads a responsive reading, community prayer, and reads announcements for a Samoan congregation in his home community of Hacienda Heights in Los Angeles County, California. At age 93, Dunn says he’s “still wiggling and using his liturgical voice!”

Jodi Peterson headshot
Jodi Peterson


Millicent Eidson (D.V.M., ’83) has published the debut novel in an alphabetical series about diseases from animals, zoonoses. In Anthracis: A Microbial Mystery, the protagonist is a new trainee with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who battles Arizona anthrax.

Jodi Peterson (B.A., ’86) became chief editor at the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands in October, 2021. Peterson is thrilled to be working for her alma mater and looks forward to helping this consulting group improve its reports and proposals. Most recently, Peterson was news director for KVNF community radio for 2 years, and before that she was an editor at the award-winning nonprofit media outlet High Country News for 15 years, and a technical communicator at Hewlett-Packard for 16 years.

Snowden family, 2020


Alexander “Sander” Snowden (B.A., ’95) was raised in Memphis and returned there to raise his children, Taylor and Charles, with his wife, Holly. After graduation, Sander joined the Marine Corps and has risen to the rank of colonel, where he currently serves in the Office of the Secretary of Defense as part of the Selected Marine Corps Reserves. In his civilian career, he is the Area Vice President for WishBone Orthopaedics. Sander has earned many personal decorations as well as an M.B.A. and Masters of National Securities & Strategic Studies.

Lori Poloni-Staudinger (B.S., ’96) was named interim dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Northern Arizona University.


Aimee Henderson (B.S., ’15) was admitted to the Global Field Program at Miami University in summer 2021. As part of Henderson’s first Earth Expeditions course, she traveled to Baja Mexico and studied desert and marine landscapes through ecological and social methods.

Lindsey McLain (M.C.L.M., ’19) was named the new Director for Sloss Metal Arts in Birmingham, Alabama.

 Faculty and Staff

Joon K. Kim (Ethnic Studies Professor)’s book, Organized Labor and Civil Society for Multiculturalism: A Solidarity Success Story from South Korea, was published in 2020 by Emerald Publishing Limited.

In Memoriam


Lyle Miller (D.V.M., ’48)


Mary Schmunk (B.S., ’51)

William Hubbard (M.S., ’52)

John Powell (B.S., ’52)

Donald Pavel (B.S., ’53)

Philip Schumacher (B.S., ’56)

Dean Kugler (B.S., ’57)

George Peter (B.S., ’57)

Marilyn Fryberger (B.S., ’58)

Sonny Stiger (B.S., ’59)

Ronald Harrison (M.S., ’60)

Bill Kochis (B.S., ’61)

Dave McManus (B.S., ’61; M.S., ’77)

Robert Franklin, Jr. (B.S., ’63)

James Hurd (B.S., ’63)

Mary Anne Fennell (B.S., ’65)

Celia Johnson (B.S., ’65)

Kenneth Betts (B.S., ’66)

Ted Sheng (M.S., ’66)

Jerry Simpson (M.Ed., ’66)

Kenneth Thomazin (D.V.M., ’66)

Jerry Powers (B.S., ’67)

Dr. Steve Dennis (B.S., ’69; M.S., ’71)


William Westhoff (B.S., ’70)

Loren Snyder (B.S., ’71)

CPT Michael Cyrus, USAF (M.S., ’72)

Ronald Coca (B.A., ’73)

Delbert Seaver (B.S., ’73)

Barbara Day (B.A., ’74)

Dennis Korth (B.S., ’74; M.S., ’83)

Robert Introne, Jr. (M.S., ’75)

Gary Nicoll (D.V.M., ’76)

Robert Loose (B.S., ’78)

Raymond McSwain (B.S., ’78)

David Mantlo (M.Ed., ’79)


JoAnn Martin (M.S., ’82)

Lucinda Kethcart (M.S., ’83)

Todd Lowther (M.Ed., ’84)

Joseph Beebe (M.S., ’83; Ph.D., ’87)

Mark Hoskins (B.S., ’87; M.S., ’88)

Daniel Murphy (B.S., ’88)


Carl Maxey (B.S., ’90)

Dale Moore (B.S., ’90)

Karol Dickson (B.A., ’91)

Anne Zellers (M.Ed., ’91)

James Womble (M.S., ’94)


Jeffrey Sluka (B.A., ’03)

Richard Hopkins (B.S., ’06)

Steven Schaeffer (B.S., ’09)


Taylor Blair (B.S.W., ’12)

Aaron Yazdani (B.S., ’13)

Jaye Lampe (M.Ed., ’18)


Phyllis Bender

Dr. G. Wayne Boam

Robert Gonzales

Frank Schiavone

Mary Yates

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Mary Daughtrey

Judith Drake

Dr. John Snider

Dr. John Staples

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Alex Nuber

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