Class Notes – November 2020

Have you recently celebrated a wedding, baby, new job, promotion, or honor? Been published, moved into a new home, or welcomed a grandchild? Share your news with the CSU alumni family by submitting a class note. Approved class notes will be published here and in Colorado State University Magazine.


George Nash Smith (B.S., ’50) finished a book of his life stories, The Bark of the Cony, which includes his time at Colorado A&M, just before he passed away in October.


Gerard (Jerry) Buron (B.S., ’66) published The Complete Guide to Successful Chironomid Fishing, which provides unique insights and observations for new chironomid anglers, beginning lake fly fishers, and seasoned still-water anglers.


Adam Atchison (B.A., ’03) was recently named weeknight anchor for the local CBS affiliate in Colorado Springs. Fellow Ram Lauri Martin (B.A., ’00) serves as the station’s news director.


Kurt Vogel (Ph.D., ’11) has been named Distinguished Teacher of the Year at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. The award was established 55 years ago and is the highest honor a faculty member can receive from the University. Vogel is an associate professor of animal science.

A group of alumni convened virtually in October for an online panel discussion called “CSU Grads on the Political Frontlines.” The panelists – who work in the U.S. political arena as journalists, communications strategists, lobbyists, and legal counsel – gathered at the invitation of CSU System leaders as part of an initiative called “Your Voice. Your Vote. Your Rights.” The project has encouraged civic engagement, voting, and informed discourse around the 2020 election. The alumni involved were: Ama Arthur-Asmah (B.A., ’07), a video journalist with Fox 5 DC; Eugene Daniels II (B.A., ’12), a video reporter for Politico; Kelly Kennedy (B.A., ’97), managing editor for The War Horse News; Staci McDermott (B.A., ’11), communications manager for the McCain Institute for International Leadership; J. David McSwane (B.A., ’10), an investigative reporter for ProPublica; Molly O’Connor (B.S., ’10), director of federal government relations for CropLife America; Brian Roehrkasse (B.A., ’96), vice president of communications for Facebook; and Anthony Sciascia (B.A., ’04), counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives.


In Memoriam


Harold Chaffee (B.S., ’50)

George Nash Smith (B.S., ’50)

Charles Beard (B.S., ’57)

Eugene Getchell (B.S., ’57)

Bob Longenbaugh (B.S., ’57; M.S., ’62)

Owen Linsley (B.S., ’58; D.V.M., ’60)

Reed Sanderson (M.S., ’59)


Paul Crocombe (B.S., ’60)

Rudy Miller (B.S., ’60)

Bobbie Sinclair (B.S., ’61)

Donald Johnson, Ph.D. (Ph.D., ’62)

Robert Bowden (M.Ed., ’63)

Maria Campo (B.S., ’63)

David Murtha (B.S., ’63)

Bernard Fehringer (B.S., ’64)

Barbara Solfermoser (M.Ed., ’69)


Truman Bergman (Ph.D., ’70)

George Franklin, Jr. (M.S., ’71)

Dave Grasmick (B.S., ’72)

Kenneth Brackney (M.S., ’74)

Vaughn Cook (B.S., ’74)

Randall Enas (B.S., ’75)

Doris Slaaten (Ph.D., ’75)

Wayne Dudley (B.S., ’77)

Debra Greenbank (B.S., 77)

Al DeBonis (M.S., ’74; Ph.D., ’78)

Kathryn Ramsey (B.S., ’78)


Steven Burroughs (B.S., ’80)

Carmin Hardy (B.S., ’80)

Dan Spahr (B.S., ’80)

Donald Jacobsen (B.S., ’81)

Robert Bush (B.A., ’84)


Dale Tramp (B.S., ’90)


Norma Terry


Bruce Anderson

Chris Bachman

Maxine Bowen

Maxine Britton

Michael Demma

Elaine Glasser

Dr. Robert Hummel

Ellen Krebs

Betty Painter

Alumni, non-graduates

Astrid Brown

Ronald Korf

William Mergenthaler