Class Notes – Nov. 2018


Roy Lilley (B.S., ’52) published his memoir, Just as I Am, a story of his life from the first ten years on his family’s ranch in Virginia Dale, Colo., through his retirement after 45 years as a National Cattlemen’s Beef Association executive.


Barbara Fleming (B.A., ’67; M.A., ’70) published a new novel, My Name is Meggie, in August 2018. This sequel to Journeying tells the story of an adventurous daughter of two pioneers who encounters early 20th-century challenges.

John Mlade (M.S., ’05)
John Mlade (M.S., ’05)


Doug Erler (B.A., ’85) heads the Weld County Justice Services Department, which delivers community corrections services, work release, electronic monitoring, pretrial services, and criminal justice analysis and planning. He’s also an appointee by the Governor on the state Justice Assistance Grant Board and Community Corrections Advisory Council and involved in many local, state, and national criminal justice system initiatives.

Clay Lambert (B.S., ’86) is editor of Half Moon Bay Review near San Francisco. He made national industry news in summer 2018 when a group of local readers and investors bought the 120-year-old weekly from its previous owners to ensure the continuation of local journalism with integrity in their community. The approach signals a potential new business model for journalism as newspapers across the country struggle to survive. In 2010, Suburban Newspapers of America named Lambert the top weekly newspaper editor in the country. He also is a member of the CSU Media Hall of Fame and, as a student, was editor of the Rocky Mountain Collegian.

Morgan Richards (B.S., ’87) is external communications marketing and social media coordinator for the Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, based in Westminster, Colo. She manages interactive web services, social media, and corporate sponsorships. She also has worked as a training program coordinator and as manager of e-communications for Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation.

photo of Half Moon Bay Review offices
Clay Lambert (B.S., ’86) is editor of Half Moon Bay Review

Thomas Z. Tan (M.S., ’88) ran the Revel Big Bear Marathon at Redlands, Calif., in October 2018, his 10th full marathon after Orange County, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, Big Sur, Chicago, California International, Los Angeles, and Mountains2Beach.

Lt. Col. Scott Armstrong (B.S., ’89) retired after 26 years in the Army. He began a second career in 2018 with the American Red Cross, serving service members, veterans, their families, and caregivers across Washington.


Christina Boyd (B.A., ’94) a Wayzata, Minn.-based Merrill Lynch financial advisor, was recognized by Forbes as one of the nation’s Top 250 wealth advisors. Boyd also ranked second in the nation in the Working Mother/SHOOK Research’s “Top Wealth Advisor Moms” list.

Cornerstone Farm is moving to a new facility called Maple de Nero. It has operated out of its prior location on Nelson Road west of Longmont for more than 13 years, and has been run by Jennifer Shannon (B.S., ’98) a Colorado State University Equine Science graduate.


John Mlade (M.S., ’05) joined integrated design and delivery firm Wight & Company as senior project manager for sustainable and healthy environments. With nearly two decades in sustainability consulting and research, Mlade brings a diverse skill set to broaden the firm’s competencies in delivering healthy, resource-efficient buildings in which people thrive. He is a member of the NIH Health in Building Roundtable and a Living Building Challenge author.


Amy Morgan (B.S., ’12) is an interior designer and cello instructor in Fort Collins who is best known as the cellist in the popular Northern Colorado indie-rock band Post Paradise, which she established in 2009 with her husband, Nick Duarte, and their bandmates. Post Paradise provided the soundtrack for the documentary film “How a Place Matters,” highlighting CSU and its efforts to spark innovation, and helped inaugurate Stadium Sessions, the free concert series that has become a highlight of the game-day experience during CSU football season. The band’s most recent recording is titled “Bring it to Life.”

Walker Mills (M.OT., ’16) recently published a children’s book titled, The Good Dog. It topped the bestseller list at Explore Booksellers in Aspen, won a gold medal with Mom’s Choice Awards, and received five out of five stars with Reader’s Favorites Review.

Faith Nielsen (B.S.W., ’17) earned her master’s degree in social work from Denver University and then accepted a full-time position with the Community for Excellence at CSU.

Richard Wagner (M.S., ’17) has taken a position as Senior Aerospace Engineer at Scaled Composites in Mojave, Calif. He and his wife will be living in Tehachapi, Calif.


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Neil R. Cook (B.S., ’60)
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Thomas L. Hartley, II (B.S., ’61)
David S. Wysong (B.S., ‘59; M.S., ‘61)
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Harold E. Vonderfecht (D.V.M., ’62)
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Robert W. Dearing (B.A., ‘67)
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Darrell L. Anderson, Ph.D. (B.A., ’68)

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Rosalind R. Dews (B.A., ’80)
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