Class Notes – March 2022

Have you recently celebrated a wedding, baby, new job, promotion, or honor? Been published, moved into a new home, or welcomed a grandchild? Share your news with the CSU alumni family by submitting a class note. Approved class notes will be published here and in CSU Magazine.


Roger Brandt (B.S., ’62) was recognized as Outstanding Alumnus of Lincoln Southeast High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. He has also held the positions of CEO of Virbac Drug Co, and Founder and President of Allerderm Pharmaceutical Co.

Frances Forrest (B.S., ’69) retired after 53 years of active occupational therapy practice in adult physical disabilities rehabilitation inpatient and home health, first in Denver, Colorado, then West Virginia, and finally in Illinois.

Gerry Schnackenberg Headshot
Gerry Schnackenberg


Gerry Schnackenberg (B.S., ’70) recently retired as Anglican Bishop after serving as a priest for 37 years and bishop for seven. He served the last 20 years as priest, then bishop in Longmont, Colorado. He led Epiphany Anglican Fellowship locally and internationally led The Anglican Union for the Propagation of the Gospel, an International Confraternity of Oratories.

Robert Ellingson (M.S.B.A., ’70) recently retired in Baker City, OR where he has lived since graduation from CSU. He and his wife, Dianne (Augustana, ’67), celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August, 2021. They have three sons: an IT person in Olympia, WA; an Emergency Medicine physician in Sherwood, OR; and an advertising executive in San Anselmo, CA. They are also blessed with two lovely daughters-in-law and five grandsons whom they enjoy immensely. Ellingson reflects on his time spent at CSU as an excellent addition to his education.

Marcia Bankirer (B.S., ’74) retired from Campus Dean at Pacific Oaks College-San Jose Branch Campus after 47 years in Higher Education, which began at CSU’s Division of Continuing Education, including Dean, Vice Provost, Academic VP, & President positions at a variety of institutions.

Donna Inman, (B.A., ’75) is currently the American Escrow Association President. She previously served as the President-Elect and Government Affairs Committee Chair, First Vice President and Bylaws Committee Chair, Second Vice President and Conference Committee Chair, Third Vice President and Membership Committee Chair, the AEA Education Committee Chair, and the CEA Director to AEA. For fun, Donna teaches Escrow at Mt. San Antonio College and at the Escrow Training Institute.

Mark Oliver headshot
Mark Oliver


Mark Oliver (B.S., ’81) retired in late 2021 after 40 years of working in the surface water hydrology field. Oliver was the owner of a consulting hydrology business, Basin Hydrology, for the past 27 years and had the pleasure of working in some incredible locations on rewarding projects. His son is a freshman in high school in Durango, Colorado and his spouse, Ann, works for the local health department. They are both active skiers and bike riders and continue to enjoy the great outdoors. Thanks CSU!

Michael Eisenbaum (B.A., ’87) was elected Managing Partner of Gray-Duffy, LLP in early January, 2022. Resident in the Encino, California office, Eisenbaum will oversee the firm’s two offices, including Redwood City, California. He has a diversified practice which includes extensive litigation experience representing individuals and businesses in the areas of premises liability, contract liability and enforcement, construction defect, product and professional liability and more.

Eisenbaum headshot
Michael Eisenbaum


Carla Ernst (B.A., ’04) has joined financial research firm, Hearts & Wallets, as a data storyteller/product manager for Hearts & Wallets’ Investor Quantitative (IQ) Database, IQ Dataminer interactive software, other software development and report creation initiatives. Ernst has also earned an M.A. in economics from the University of California at Berkeley.


In Memoriam


John Palm (B.S., ’58)



Marvin Otto Maul (B.S., ’60)

Dr. Keith Henderson (B.S., ’61; M.S., ’63)

Larry Davidson (B.A., ’63; CERT, ’63)

John Thomas (B.S., ’65)

Bob Pacheco (B.S., ’67)

Judith Carey (M.A., ’68)

Geoffrey Freethey (M.S., ’69)



Douglas Bollman (B.S., ’70)

Sharon Johnson (M.Ed., ’70)

Keith Rouse (B.F.A., ’70)

Charlotte Lehmann (B.S., ’71)

James O’Leary (M.Ed., ’72)

Chuck Seifert (B.S., ’72)

Harry Leon (Ph.D., ’73)

Mary Ontiveros (B.S., ’73; M.Ed., ’79)

Thomas Haskin (B.S., ’74)

James Moore (B.A., ’74)

David Woelfel (B.S., ’75)



Anne Barr (M.Ed., ’86)



Craig Cartmell (B.S., ’99)



Andrew Stoner (Ph.D., ’13)


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