Class Notes – March 2020

Have you recently celebrated a wedding, baby, new job, promotion, or honor? Been published, moved into a new home, or welcomed a grandchild? Share your news with the CSU alumni family by submitting a class note. Approved class notes will be published here and in Colorado State University Magazine.


Douglas Johnson (B.A., ’93) and Jennifer Guerriero

Timothy Kloberdanz (B.A., ’74) is a retired North Dakota State University professor and self-described “river writer.” He has published two novels about American rivers, including Once Upon the River Platte and One Day on the River Red. He is at work on future books dealing with the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Fortunately for Tim, his wife Rosalinda loves reading, traveling, and exploring rivers!

Kyle Knight (B.A., ’74) retired from Central Mine Equipment after 38 years of employment and recently travelled to Mombasa, Kenya, on a mission trip with his wife, Wendy. They taught in churches and visited the church’s school.


Sara Easterly’s book, searching for Mom

Douglas Johnson (B.A., ’93) and Jennifer Guerriero were married in a lovely family ceremony and celebration on December 23, 2019 at Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins. Both Doug and Jennifer are active in the CSU community, including the College of Liberal Arts Development Council, Great Conversations Dean’s Circle Members, Life Member of the CSU Alumni Association, 1870 Club members, and Green and Gold Foundation. They are at home in Fort Collins with their four children.

Annette Whitehead-Pleaux (B.A., ’93) published three chapters in scholarly publications, including Distance Supervision in Music Therapy and Multicultural Supervision in Forinash’s Music Therapy Supervision. The other chapter, The Queering of Music Therapy, was published in Gender Issues in International Arts Therapies Research.

Sara Easterly’s (B.A., ’94) debut memoir, Searching for Mom, is a Gold Medal winner in the 2020 Illumination Book Awards in the Biography/Memoir-Personal Struggle category.


Stuart Purdy

Stuart Purdy (B.S., ’01), a partner of law firm Simon Greenstone Panatier, was a member of the trial team that won a $40 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson. In September 2019, a California jury found that asbestos-tainted talc in Johnson’s Baby Powder caused 71-year-old Nancy Cabibi’s mesothelioma, an incurable form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.


 In Memoriam

*CSU Alumni Association member


Barbara Lawson (B.S., ’45)



Keith Stewart (B.S., ’50; D.V.M., ’57)

Dorothy Green (B.S., ’54)

Robert Thomas (B.S., ’55)

Punky Robbe (B.S., ’56)

Dr. Arlynn Anderson (B.S., ’57; M.Ed., ’64)

Dan Leadbetter (B.S., ’57)

Boyd Stock (D.V.M., ’57)



William Hunt (B.S., ’62)

Jerry Brooks (B.S., ’63; M.A.T., ’64)

Harry Taylor (B.S., 64)

Dr. David Anderson (B.S., ’65; M.S., ’67)

Kathy McManus (B.S., ’65)

James Somerville (CERT, ’64; B.S., ’65)

Bud Hopper (B.S., ’66)

Donald Huther (M.S., ’66)

Joy Post (B.S., ’66)

Pamela Grogan (B.A., ’67)

Phillip Guy (B.S., ’69)



Karl Bandhauer (M.Ed., ’70)

James Kunna (B.S., ’70)

Ronald Barrett-Smith (B.S., ’72)

David Crocker (B.S., ’72)

Michael Joyce (B.M., ’73)

Frederick Rusczek (B.S., ’73)

Jonelle Lewis (B.S., ’74)

Chris A. Truax (B.S., ’74)

Nancy Kain (M.Ed., ’76)

Mari Tynon (M.M., ’76)


Stephanie Dodge (B.S., ’81; D.V.M., ’84)

Ronald Gaines (M.S., ’82)

Mike Donley (B.S., ’86)

Theresa Kent (M.S., ’87)



Dan Moran (B.S., ’92)

Kevin Morton (B.S., ’93)

Leonne Johnston (B.A., ’94; B.A., ’07)



Kyle Nickless (B.S., ’15; M.S., ’17)

Alex Wever (B.S., ’15)

Victoria Torrez (B.S., ’18)



Valerie Arnold

Phyllis Barnes

James Digby

Dr. Robert Herron

William Hodges

Kay Landerdahl

Joanne Pace


Faculty and Staff

William Hanneman

Barbara Joyce, Ph.D.

Wayne Keim, Ph.D.

Bill Pickett, Ph.D.