Class Notes – January 2023

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First Moments book cover on a stand, by Carolynn J. Scully
First Moments, by Carolynn J. Scully


Carolynn Scully (B.S., ’74) published her new book, First Moments: Pregnancy Prayers and Ponderings (CHB Media, 2022). Scully’s eighth grandchild was recently born on October 16, 2022.


Two cows and a calf
The Davis cow-calf operation

James Davis (B.S., ’81) has worked for La Plata County since October 2001 and has been the director of public works and county engineer since 2006. During that time, Davis had the privilege of helping the county prepare for the future by reconstructing numerous roads and bridges. Davis has been married 44 years to Karla. They have two sons, Miles and Hunter, and are expecting their first grandson in late December, 2022. Davis currently lives south of Durango where they have a small cow-calf operation, garden, orchard, and bees.


Cora (Sloan) Bonser, (B.S., ’06) and Tristan Bonser (B.S., ’07) welcomed a baby boy in November 2022.

Nick Ota-Wang selfie in front of a field and Independence Hall
Nick Ota-Wang in front of Independence Hall

Nick Ota-Wang (B.A., ’09) completed his master of arts degree in U.S. history with a focus in LGBTQ, gender, and sexuality history at the University of Colorado Denver in December. He also earned a graduate certificate in U.S. history from UC-Denver’s department of history. This is Nick’s second masters; he previously earned a master of arts in higher education with a concentration in college student development from the University of Denver in 2014.

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Duane Carlson (B.S., ’50)

Gerda Hess (B.S., ’56)

Erich Krumm Jr. (B.S., ’58)



Allen Hurd (B.S., ’60)

Donald Sorensen (M.S., ’65)

Ellen Niemi (B.A., ’66)

Dr. Michael Mueller (M.S., ’69)



Thomas Domingo (B.S., ’74)

James Davis Jr. (M.S., ’75)

Kirk Lewis (B.S., ’75)

Arthur Thomas Jr. (B.E., ’78)


Christina H. Paguyo (B.A., ’01; M.Ed., ’07)
Christina was featured in the March 2022 issue of AlumLine.


Monica Ramirez (M.Ed., ’10)



Mary Foulks

Joseph Herman

Abigail Kawananakoa

Judy Kittelson

Bill Rattenborg

Mary Stephen

Beecher Strube

Rita Yaroush, Ph.D.