Class Notes – January 2022

Have you recently celebrated a wedding, baby, new job, promotion, or honor? Been published, moved into a new home, or welcomed a grandchild? Share your news with the CSU alumni family by submitting a class note. Approved class notes will be published here and in CSU Magazine.


Kent headshot
Dr. Kent Nelson

Dr. Kent Nelson, (B.S., ’61), of Decorah, Iowa has been selected as the Iowa State Dairy Association’s recipient of the 2021 Keeling Leadership Award. The award recognizes significant contributions to the benefit and progress of Iowa’s dairy industry. Nelson is the founder and former president of Nelson Dairy Consultants, Inc. whose consultants provide nutrition and management services to dairy producers in the US, Canada and Japan.


Tom Sharpe, (B.S., ’71), is living happily with his wife and 14 horses in Loma, Colorado. Sharpe has spent the last 25 years trying horses and working with the Colorado 4-H horse program. Sharpe recently published a book of poems called Hoof Tracks (2020).

Jerry Simmons, (M.S., ’73), recently published Rabies Positive: An Animal Doctor’s Memoirs, (2021). It is a collection of true stories about Simmons’ career and includes one full chapter about his experiences while in graduate school at CSU. Simmons earned an M.S. in Surgical Laboratory at the Foothills Campus and served a Surgical Residency at the Teaching Hospital on Main Campus. He believes that the surgical training he received was arguably the best in the world at the time.


Kathryn Northcut, (M.A., ’95), served as interim Vice Provost for Academic Support at Missouri University of Science and Technology since February 2020. Northcut accepted the permanent position starting on September 1, 2021.

Bui, Christine - Kuwait-Zoo-Army-Article-2
Christine Bui


Christine Bui, (M.B.A., ’12), just returned home from deployment to the Middle East serving as a veterinarian for military working dogs. Bui received the Army Achievement Medal in addition to the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service. Deployment highlights include having an article published about Bui’s involvement with the Kuwait Zoo while serving and completing the tour alongside fellow classmate, Dr. Natalie Maffeo.


In Memoriam


Carroll Aksamit (B.S., ’50)

Shirley Pharo (B.S., ’51)

Norman Robinson (B.S., ’51)

Duane Boyd (B.S., ’52)

Ivan Dale (B.S., ’56)

Charlene Schlegel (B.S., ’58)

The Honorable Bob Briggs, Jr. (B.S., ’59; M.S., ’61)


Dr. Mary Leach (M.S., ’60)

Mabel Werner (M.S., ’60)

Carol Robison (B.S., ’61)

Eugene Torres (B.S., ’62; D.V.M., ’65)

Wayne Crowell (B.S., ’63; D.V.M., ’64)

Clark Atkinson (B.A., ’65; M.A., ’69)

Ronald Constable (B.S., ’65)

Lloyd Peery (B.S., ’65)

Ernest Deines, Jr. (B.S., ’67)

Michael Corash (B.S., ’69; CERT, ’69)

Edward Umlauf (B.S., ’69; D.V.M., ’74)


Linda Scheele (B.A., ’70)

Capt Larry Whiting, USAF (B.S., ’70)

Patricia Bloomgren (M.S., ’71)

Virginia Kopachevsky (B.A., ’71)

Frances Bronner (B.S., ’72)

Steven Winter (B.S., ’72)

Lurilee Springer-Wilson (B.S., ’73)

David Webb (B.S., ’73)

Deborah Ervin (B.A., ’77)

Steven Kral (B.A., ’78)

Paul Chang (M.S., ’71; Ph.D., ’81)


Robert Egan (B.S., ’81)

Nancy Cook (B.S., ’86; D.V.M., ’91; M.S., ’02)

Gregory Gesicki (B.S., ’86)

Mary Stumpf (B.S., ’87)

Tom Newland (B.S., ’88)


Steven DeHerrera (B.S., ’09; M.E., ’10)


Kim Shelton (M.B.A., ’15)


Drexel Cloos

Annie Hall

Lonnie Mantle

Gloria Peck

Sandra Studer

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Frank DeMeyer

Charles Elkins

Caroline Frye

Beth Mitchell



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