Class Notes – February 2022

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Janice (Maximov) Condon (B.S., ’64) has published two books. Ewww! Lulu Meets the King of Poo (2016) introduces gut microbes and vital connection to health (3+ yrs). Lulu How Do You? (How Do You What? Be Good to Your Gut!) (2021) is a graphic novel for 8+yrs on healthy/unhealthy food choices. She earned her bachelor’s in occupational therapy and still practices part time.

Duane Harris, (B.S., ’69), received the Alfred W. Jones, Sr. Award from the Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce in 2018 for community service. That year Harris also received the Coastal Georgia Historical Society’s Volunteer of the Year Award. At present he is President of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society, the Brunswick Rotary Club, and a Trustee with the College of Coastal Georgia Foundation.


John Shaw, (B.S., ’82), founded DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. in 2004.It has since become Colorado’s first and only Employee Owned Sign Manufacturing Company, an ESOP. All 36 staff members became shareholder/owners in December 2021.

Jan Anderson, (B.S., ’83), was recently awarded the trifecta of company awards for Fazendin Realtors in Wayzata, MN. Every year the company awards winners in the top categories, and this year Jan took home Top Ninja Agent, Ms. Perfect (awarded for at least one transaction every month of the year – very rarely won!), and the company’s highest and prestigious Ann Brockhouse Award. Jan also had the 2nd highest gross volume for 2021. She was born for this career and truly loves it.

Rich Malinowski, (B.S., ’86), was awarded a 2021 NOAA Bronze Medal for his contributions to the development of the Southeast Region Federal For-Hire Integrated Electronic Reporting System. The Bronze Medal is the highest honorary award of the NOAA presented by the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere. The award is given to an individual or group for significant contributions to the NOAA.


Allison Dalvit, (B.A., ’91), co-authored the recently published book, RATTLED: Crazy A** Stories of Extreme Resilience to Help You Go from Shook to Solid, (2021). This book is for those of you who have been blindsided by losing your money or stability, crushed by people who betrayed you, confused by the unplanned trajectory of your career, or recovering from a sudden death and/or gut-wrenching health decision.

Justin Santarosa headshot
Justin Santarosa

Scott Shuman (B.S., ’92), recently published A Million Acres and Counting: Sold! Sold! Sold! (2021). Shuman’s book is a collection of real estate auction experiences comprising well over 1,000,000 acres.


Justin Santarosa, (B.A., ’06), was named to the Duane Morris partnership. Santarosa practices in the area of corporate law with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions and securities law. He advises public and private companies throughout their life cycle on a variety of corporate matters and capital market transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, regulatory compliance, IPOs, follow-on equity offerings as well as general corporate matters.


Keith Buderus, (B.S., ’10), was recently announced as the Mountain Lions Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach by head coach Lewis Wilcox at University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Daniel Okoli

Daniel Okoli, (B.S., ’13), was appointed as vice chancellor and chief operating officer at University of Californina Merced, overseeing Planning and Development, Facilities, the UC Merced Police Department and several other departments. In announcing the appointment, Chancellor Juan Sánchez Muñoz called Okoli “a deeply collaborative and widely experienced leader.”

Russ McKelvey, (E.M.B.A., ’15), completed a 39-month tour as Battalion Commander of 1st Battalion (Mountain), 157th Infantry on January 8, 2022. The 717 Soldier unit in the Colorado Army National Guard deployed Soldiers to three countries, performed 100+ days of support for State COVID missions, and supported the Presidential Inauguration. McKelvey played a key role in building the Colorado COVID Containment Corps that won the America’s Service Commissions Outstanding Program Award in 2021.

In Memoriam


William Hills (B.S., ’49)


Wayne Capron (B.S., ’50)

Robert Markley (B.S., ’51)

Dottie Mock (B.S., ’52; M.H.E.C., ’71)

Marvin Maul (B.S., ’55; D.V.M., ’57)

Standley Scott (B.S., ’56)

William Bermingham (B.S., ’57)

Dr. Jack Gaskill (B.S., ’57)

Mary Tice (B.S., ’57)

Norm Swanson (B.S., ’58; D.V.M., ’62)

Jack Forsythe (B.S., ’59)

Alden Hill (B.A., ’59)


Barney Hobbs (B.S., ’60)

Charles Reutter (M.Ed., ’60)

Mary Charlton (B.S., ’61)

Billy Myers (D.V.M.,’ 62)

Madonna Thoelecke (B.S., ’62)

Vincent Fernandes, II (B.S., ’63)

Harvey Jones (B.A., ’63)

Melvin Foss (B.S., ’64)

Michael Goldhammer (B.S., ’66)

Robert Casady (M.S., ’67)

Elaine Harris (B.A., ’67)

Jack White (B.S., ’67; D.V.M., ’73)

Patricia Maine (B.S., ’68)

Nancy Steele (B.S., ’68)

Robert Stuerzebecher (M.Ed., ’68)

Jay Zittle (B.S., ’68)

Jerome Robinson (B.S., ’69)

Janet Williams (B.S., ’69)


Rocky Blake (B.S., ’71; B.S., ’02)

Artie Keever (B.A., ’72; M.A., ’74)

John Colby (B.S., ’74)

Lynda Hopper (B.S., ’75)

Charles Bobo (B.S., ’76)

Jim Dingman (B.S., ’76)

Patricia Barry (B.A., ’77)

Cliff Hicklen (M.M., ’77)

Richard Jerome (B.S., ’77)

Charles Fuselier (M.S., ’77; Ph.D., ’79)

Jerry O’Connell (B.S., ’79)


Kelvin Kirkpatrick (B.S., ’81)

Caroline Baldwin (B.S., ’82)

Alan Inada (M.S., ’84)


Joel Larson (B.A., ’90)

Richard Powell (M.S., ’90)

Holly Mcgahey (B.S., ’92)

Lisa Mekelburg (B.S., ’92)

Phillip Stipetich (B.S., ’92)

Kenneth Robson (M.S., ’93)

Kim Coyner (D.V.M., ’94)

Dr. Stephen Gaddis (B.S., ’94; M.S., ’98)


Michael Prince (B.A., ’00)

Justin Johnson (B.S., ’02)

Chad Kuhnel (B.S., ’08)


Aaron Coates (B.S., ’18)


Joselyn Gamboa (’21)

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