Class Notes – February 2021

Have you recently celebrated a wedding, baby, new job, promotion, or honor? Been published, moved into a new home, or welcomed a grandchild? Share your news with the CSU alumni family by submitting a class note. Approved class notes will be published here and in Colorado State University Magazine.


Donald MacKendrick (B.S., ’50), emeritus professor at Colorado Mesa Univeristy, would like to share that he’s 95 and “still upright and able to take nourishment!” He’s a sustaining alum and makes an annual contribution to the history department.


Teresa Boynton (B.S., ’73; M.S., ’89), a certified occupational therapist from Loveland, Colorado, has won the 2020 National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy Innovation Award. This award recognizes certified occupational therapy practitioners who demonstrate the delivery of an evidence-based, effective, and innovative program or intervention that enhances the quality of life for a person or persons. Teresa received the award in recognition for her work in developing, validating, and implementing the Bedside Mobility Assessment Tool (BMAT) 1.0 and BMAT 2.0 (read our related story here).

Mark Callender (B.S., ’77) was named the 2020 Farm Manager of the Year by the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. Mark is an accredited farm manager with Farmers National Company, managing farm and ranch properties in eastern Colorado and western Kansas.

Luke Brennan (B.S., ’79) and his wife, Judith, retired and moved to their new home in South Fork, Colorado, last August, having lived in upstate New York since graduating from CSU. His degree enabled his successful career in medical and scientific instrumentation sales. He also spent 23 years as Medical Service Corps officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, completing his service in 2014 as a major. He and Judith spend their days fishing, hunting, skiing, camping, ATVing, and enjoying southwest Colorado.


Jim Trotta (B.S., ’80) retired from his second career as quartermaster for the Elsmere Fire District, where he carried out the duties of procurement, care, issuance, and inspection of firefighter turn out gear and equipment for the past 10 years. Before that, he served as New York State Trooper for 30 years.


Mark Dorr (B.S., ’90) was announced in January 2021 as a recipient of the English Language Specialist Program 30@30 Award by the United States Department of State in honor of the Specialist Program’s 30th Anniversary. The award recognizes Mark Dorr as one of a select group of thirty Specialists who have made a lasting impact on the Specialist Program and the TESOL field since 1991, building English teaching capacity abroad and bolstering mutual understanding through English language education.

Alexa Lamm

Alexa Lamm (B.S., ’99; M.Agr, ’00) earned the 2020 Borlaug CAST Communication Award from the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology. The prestigious international award is named for Norman Borlaug, an American agronomist who won the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to increase global food supplies; the award recognizes professionals who excel at communicating the impacts of agricultural science in the public and policy arenas. Lamm is an associate professor of science communication at the University of Georgia. Her research and teaching focus on how we most effectively communicate about agricultural and environmental science innovation, addressing issues such as water conservation and quality, climate change, and food security.


In Memoriam


Elizabeth Ward (B.M., ‘’43)

Mary Gibbons (B.S., ’48)

Elinor Swanson (B.S., ’48)

Lois Anderson (B.S., ’49)

Col James McKague, USAF (RET) (B.S., ’49)



Harlan Swanson (B.S., ’50)

John Hofmann (B.S., ’53)

Sally Bystroff (B.S., ’54)

Verla Carthel (B.S., ’54)

Bob Schild (B.S., ’54)

James Dunn, D.V.M. (B.S., ’55)

Charles Lehrman (B.S., ’55; D.V.M., ’58)

Marie Macy (B.S., ’55)

Patricia Donato (B.S., ’56)

Leland Gilbert (B.S., ’56)

Gerald Zancanelli (B.S., ’56)

Takenobu Horiuchi (B.S., ’57)

Sylvia Webster (B.S., ’57)



Lawrence Facchinello (B.S., ’60)

Bernie Henrie (B.S., ’60; M.S., ’67)

John Benzel (B.S., ’61)

Bruce Mulkey (B.S., ’61)

Clifton Murphy (M.S., ’61)

Frank Seckler (B.S., ’62)

John Tanner (B.S., ’62)

Fred Goodsell, II (CERT, ’65; B.S., ’65)

Newel Cutler (M.S., ’67)

James Roles, III (B.S., ’67)

Eva Williams (M.Ed., ’67)

Robert Youngquist (M.Ed., ’68)

Paul Husted, D.V.M. (M.S., ’69)



Lyle Prather (B.S., ’70)

Judyth Kerlin (B.S., ’71; M.S., ’76)

David Koch (Ph.D., ’71)

Dr. Kent Myers (B.S., ’71)

Joseph Monet (B.S., ’72)

Steve Fornelli (B.S., ’74)

Bob Gillham (B.S., ’74)

Herbert Tousley, Sr. (B.S., ’74)

Gary Rupp (D.V.M., ’64; M.S., ’75)

Richard Merkley (B.S., ’77)

Kenneth Perez (B.S., ’77)

Wayne Kroutil (Ph.D., ’78)



Stanley Hiller (B.S., ’80)

Barbara Miller (M.S., ’81)

Dr. Larry Mundy (M.S., ’81)

Kitsen Goldberg (B.A., ’83)

Christopher Sullivan (B.A., ’84; M.S., 86; Ph.D., ’89)

Dean Glover (B.S., ’86)

Robert Mohammed (Ph.D., ’87)

Lt Col Jerome Burg, USAF (M.S., ’91)



Marci Fisher (M.B.A., ’95)

Brian Olsen (B.A., ’97)

Larry Robertson, II (B.A., ’99)



Jennifer Schlagel (M.A.G.R., ’00)



Connie Brentlinger

Sandy Davidson

Elinor Davisson

Fred Evans

Connie Fahnestock

Anna Gates

Linda Greenley

Gregory Holtapp

Eleanor Lehman

Sandra Lillie

George Lohr

Erik Luedemann

Nancy Mele

Elizabeth Michael

Keith Miller

Marguerite Ohland

Howard Rhodes

Shawn Vasquez

Susan Wright

Chang Yung-fa, Ph.D.


Alumni non-graduates

Dennis Burnett

Andrew Clarke

Dwight Ghent



Dr. Bernard Levinger

Carolyn Niswender

Mary Selch