Class Notes – December 2022

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Three people stand next to a sign promoting an open space election
From left: Abe Laydon, Jay Sage, and Michelle Ellis
Abstract painting with a leg and body created with shapes.
The Winner by a Nose! painting by Daniel Genova


Daniel Genova (B.F.A., ’80) completed a recent painting, “The winner by a nose!”, acrylic on canvas, 32″ x 40″, 2022.

Jay Sage (B.S., ’81), an open space enthusiast, along with Douglas County (Colorado) Commissioner Abe Laydon (B.A., ’98), and public relations and marketing communications expert Michelle Ellis (B.A., ’99) celebrate the overwhelming support from Douglas County voters to approve the continuation of the sales tax to protect parks, trails, open space, and historic preservation. This campaign touched the true spirit of Douglas County residents and passed by more than 87% of the vote.

Art exhibit poster for Michelle Stevenson's paintings
Gallery poster for Michelle Eccellente Stevenson’s artwork


Michelle Eccellente Stevenson (B.A., ’92) had a solo, abstract art show for the entire month of November in the Noel McArdle Gallery at the Janet F. Harte Public Library in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her artwork can be found on social media @MESStudioArt.


Book cover, Colorado Through the Seasons, showing 4 seasonal photographs
Colorado Through the Seasons

Jeremy Janus (B.S., ’11) recently published 3 new books. Colorado Through the Seasons: A Photographic Journey Through the Rocky Mountains is a replication of the 35-piece solo exhibition that Janus currently has in the Denver International Airport. A Winter in Florida: An Artist’s Journey Through the Sunshine State is a collection of the 50 best photos and their stories from the winter that Janus spent in Florida last year. Storms: The Beauty of Finding Light in the Darkness is a collection of the 50 best storm photos that Janus took from 2019-22. This book consists of photos of storms, cloud formations, rainbows, storm sunsets, and lightning; almost all of which came from Colorado.

Vimal Patel (B.A., ’13) has joined the New York Times education desk, where he will focus on free speech issues. He has written about higher education for more than seven years at The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Pasamon Pechrasuwan sits in a chair on a stage, holding a microphone
Pasamon Pechrasuwan

Pasamon Pechrasuwan (M.E., ’13) has completed 8 years of employment at Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company. After his short stint as a civil/structural engineer for the Lungmen Nuclear Powerplant project at Black & Veatch, he found himself working in a different role for the management consultant industry. Originally employed in 2014 as a temporary independent contractor, the permanent position was offered to him the same year, which he accepted and started as a consulting analyst. He currently holds a position as principal consultant and associate fellow in the Energy, Environment, & Industrial Business unit. He is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

In Memoriam


Cleda Hughes (B.S., ’53)

Jon Ogden (B.S., ’57)


Glenn Pope (B.S., ’60)

Robert Ramsey (B.S., ’63)

West Foster (B.S., ’64; M.S., ’68)

Paul Holdeman (B.S., ’64)

Raymond Barley (B.A., ’66)

Roy Eastland (B.S., ’66)

Charles Anderson (B.S., ’68)

Ronald Wachtmann (M.S., ’68)

Christopher Daily (B.S., ’69)

Robert Kilpatrick (B.S., ’69)


Dr. J Edward Kautz Kautz (B.S., ’70)

Roger Tarum (B.S., ’71; M.S., ’74)

Ben Doke (B.S., ’72)

Randall Rehwoldt (B.S., ’73)

John Clark (M.S., ’74; Ph.D., ’75)

Mark Fitch (B.S., ’74; D.V.M., ’76)


John Dayton Jr. (B.S., ’84)


Joel Webb (B.S.’91)

Cindy Chapman (B.S., ’92)

David Safe (B.A., ’92)

Peter Ungerman (B.S., ’93)

Kelli Peterson (B.S., ’97)


Chad Croft (B.S., ’20)


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