Class Notes – December 2020

Have you recently celebrated a wedding, baby, new job, promotion, or honor? Been published, moved into a new home, or welcomed a grandchild? Share your news with the CSU alumni family by submitting a class note. Approved class notes will be published here and in Colorado State University Magazine.


Rich Ulery (B.S., ’71) was elected to the Continental Elementary School Governing Board in southern Arizona for a four-year term.

Take the Stage, by Philip J. Martin

Phil Martin (B.A., ’76) published his second book, Take the Stage: 64 Essential Leadership Lessons Learned From Theatre.

Mark Gaffney (B.S., ‘78) released his book, Deep History and the Ages of Man in September 2020. The book presents compelling new evidence in support of Charles Hapgood’s theory, first proposed in the 1950s, that the Earth’s crust can move and has done so many times in the remote past. Mark presents multiple lines of evidence that before the end of the Pleistocene the north pole was located on Baffin Island (Canada). Mark’s book documents four such events over the last 120,000 years.


Randal Lapsley (B.S., ’88) was promoted to vice president at RS&H, a national consulting engineering firm. Lapsley manages the Denver office transportation group, which provides engineering design services to CDOT, cities, and counties throughout Colorado and across the U.S.


Deep History and the Ages of Man, by Mark H. Gafney

Brittni Paris (M.S., ’13) lives in southern California with her husband, Hunter (M.S., ’14), an assistant professor and I’m an adjunct instructor in the Sports Med Department at Pepperdine University. I am also a partner (with two other CSU alumni!) of a small wellness coaching business called Smart Fit Womxn.


In Memoriam


Harold Chaffee (B.S., ’50)

George Nash Smith (B.S., ’50)

Charles Beard (B.S., ’57)

Eugene Getchell (B.S., ’57)

Bob Longenbaugh (B.S., ’57; M.S., ’62)

Owen Linsley (B.S., ’58; D.V.M., ’60)

Reed Sanderson (M.S., ’59)


Paul Crocombe (B.S., ’60)

Rudy Miller (B.S., ’60)

Bobbie Sinclair (B.S., ’61)

Donald Johnson, Ph.D. (Ph.D., ’62)

Robert Bowden (M.Ed., ’63)

Maria Campo (B.S., ’63)

David Murtha (B.S., ’63)

Bernard Fehringer (B.S., ’64)

Barbara Solfermoser (M.Ed., ’69)


Truman Bergman (Ph.D., ’70)

George Franklin, Jr. (M.S., ’71)

Dave Grasmick (B.S., ’72)

Kenneth Brackney (M.S., ’74)

Vaughn Cook (B.S., ’74)

Randall Enas (B.S., ’75)

Doris Slaaten (Ph.D., ’75)

Wayne Dudley (B.S., ’77)

Debra Greenbank (B.S., 77)

Al DeBonis (M.S., ’74; Ph.D., ’78)

Kathryn Ramsey (B.S., ’78)


Steven Burroughs (B.S., ’80)

Carmin Hardy (B.S., ’80)

Dan Spahr (B.S., ’80)

Donald Jacobsen (B.S., ’81)

Robert Bush (B.A., ’84)


Dale Tramp (B.S., ’90)


Norma Terry


Bruce Anderson

Chris Bachman

Maxine Bowen

Maxine Britton

Michael Demma

Elaine Glasser

Dr. Robert Hummel

Ellen Krebs

Betty Painter

Alumni, non-graduates

Astrid Brown

Ronald Korf

William Mergenthaler