Class Notes – August 2020

Have you recently celebrated a wedding, baby, new job, promotion, or honor? Been published, moved into a new home, or welcomed a grandchild? Share your news with the CSU alumni family by submitting a class note. Approved class notes will be published here and in Colorado State University Magazine.


Diana Spinney (B.A., ’64; M.A.T., ’71), who lives in Goodland, Kan., recently self-published a memoir titled Fourteen Years Behind the Wall: They Said Thank You. The book describes the intelligence, artistry, and gratitude she discovered among inmates she taught for 14 years at the at the Kit Carson Correctional Center, a medium-security prison in Burlington, Colo. Spinney describes her time with incarcerated adult students was the most memorable period of her life. Having grown up in Fort Collins, she worked for several years in the CSU Office of the Registrar before settling in northwestern Kansas with her family.

Rebecca Baum


Rebecca Baum (B.A., ’98) will publish her novel, Lifelike Creatures, in September. Called an “impressive debut” by Booklist, Lifelike Creatures unfolds in rural Louisiana, where 13-year-old Tara Saint-Romain struggles to keep her addicted mother from self-destructing—even as a catastrophic sinkhole threatens the entire town.


Kareem Rosser (B.A., ’16) is looking forward to the publication of his book, Crossing the Line: A Fearless Team of Brothers and the Sport that Changed Their Lives Forever next February (Macmillan, February 2021). The African American polo star recounts the unlikely path to opportunity he and his brothers found in the “sport of kings” while growing up in inner-city Philadelphia. Rosser became captain of the first Black high school team to win the national polo championship; he then attended CSU, where he led the University polo team to the national collegiate championship. Now starting a career in finance, Rosser has become a high-profile ambassador for young polo players of color; he has been widely featured in news media and in Ralph Lauren fashion campaigns. Rosser was honored as the 2019 Graduate of the Last Decade by the CSU Alumni Association. Read a full profile at


In Memorium


Clayton Claus (B.S., ’51)
Thomas Clements (B.S., ’53)
Ollie Cone (B.S., ’57)
Shirley Johnson (B.S., ’56)
Donald Stucker (B.S., ’55)
Floyd Sunshine, D.V.M. (B.S., ’57; D.V.M., ‘59


Dr. Doug Benton (M.S., ’66)
Alfred Buerger (B.C.E., ’62)
Dorothy Davis (CERT, ’66; B.S., ’66)
Michael Flynn (B.S., ’62)
Lee Gray, Ph.D. (B.S., ’63; M.S., ’65)
Donald Hamil (B.S., ’64)
Lawrence Helburg (B.S., ’67)
Marilyn Lyle (B.S., ’60)
Dr. Jerry Maranville (B.S., ’62)
David Morris (B.S., ’66)
Col Reginald Ponsford, III, USMC (B.S., ’60)
George Wallace (B.S., ’62)
Linn Stordahl (M.A., ’66)
James Underwood, III (B.A., ’66)


Gil Christner, Jr. (B.A., ’75)
Dennis Fink (M.S., ’77)
Lee Hall, Ph.D. (Ph.D., ’72)
Marie Hansen (M.E.D., ’72)
Mary Morrison (B.F.A., ’74)
Kenneth Stubler (B.S., ’74)
William Pemberton, D.V.M. (B.S., ’76; D.V.M., ’78)


Leo Kalvels (B.S., ’87)
Susan Klein, D.V.M. (B.S., ’84; D.V.M, ’88)
Janet Margiotta Hackett (B.S., ’88)
Carole Mock (B.S., ’89)
Darlene Schaake (M.E.D., ’80)
William Stubblefield, Jr. (M.S., ’86)


Mark Cummings (M.E.D., ’99)
Jodi Manera (B.S., ’92)
Capt. Carl McElroy, USAF (M.S., ’96)


Andrew Woerpel (B.A., ’07)
Cara Steinbicker Montgomery (B.A., ’09)


Evan Steinberger (M.C.S., ’14)


Louvre Alexander
Dr. Gordon Fleischaker, Jr.
Ouida Fritschi
Allen Ginsborg
Patricia Godwin
Arthur Judson
Luann Lee
Serenity Nailior-Lewis
Merna Odell
Sandy Wiggen
Rhonda Wolschlager