Class Notes – April 2021

Have you recently celebrated a wedding, baby, new job, promotion, or honor? Been published, moved into a new home, or welcomed a grandchild? Share your news with the CSU alumni family by submitting a class note. Approved class notes will be published here and in Colorado State University Magazine.


sculpture of head on a chain
From the exhibition by Daniel Genova

Jill Nagrodsky (M.Ed., ’71, ’73) and a team of educators at Blue Sage Learning published their first set of ESL books called “Now We’re Talking!” Classmates and friends can see a sample on our website at


Daniel Genova (B.F.A., ’80) exhibited a major art retrospective entitled The Cumulative Weight of Existence in the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition Gallery. On display March 27-April 18, it featured more than 200 multimedia works spanning 30 years in the historic pre-Civil War building.

Burt Rutherford (B.S., ’80) former senior editor of BEEF magazine, has formed his own writing, editing and PR consulting firm, Rangeview Strategies. Publication of BEEF was suspended with the January 2021 issue due to COVID-related economics, allowing Rutherford to begin the next adventure in his life.

Book cover
By Carol Dines

Carol Dines (M.A., ’81) is looking forward to the publication of This Distance We Call Love, a book of stories focusing on marriage and family that takes its title from the interwoven themes of connection and disconnection in our most intimate relationships (Orison Books, 2021).

Kent Barnes (B.S., ’87; M.S. ’89) accepted the position of manager of the Oppenheimer Family Equine Center at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo after spending 30 years in the thoroughbred industry in Kentucky. In addition to running the center and working with the Animal Science students, he is pursuing a Ph.D. researching mitochondrial chaperone proteins in the horse.

Curtis Miller (B.S., ’87) and his wife announced that they and are the proud parents of a future Ram! Their daughter, Olivia, will be attending CSU this fall.

Patrice Engle Spyrka (B.S., ’88) published a middle grade book called Tales of a Young Rider, about a little girl’s adventures growing up in the mountains of Colorado (Christian Faith Publishing, 2020).


Steven Brier (B.S., ’92) moved back to his home state of Colorado after 21-year stint in the Washington D.C. area,  and currently serves as the head of marketing for the Regional Transportation District in Denver. He also learned that his daughter will be attending CSU in the fall and couldn’t be more proud.

Jessica (Denham) Kirby (B.S., ’99) was one of three people to receive a 2021 Wildfire Mitigation Award. This year’s recipients have earned the highest commendation for innovation and leadership in wildfire mitigation.

Carla Thorning (B.A., ’99) had an interior design project featured in the Nov/Dec 2020 issue of Mountain Living magazine. Carla owns the Design + Build firm ICON with her husband and fellow alum, Zeph Thorning (B.S., ’00). The project is located in the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana.


Alli Shircliff (B.S., ’00) published The Smoothie Book!, a recipe book with 100 plant-based recipes, including seasonal smoothies, savory smoothies, smoothies without bananas, and green smoothies. Visit for more.

Joshua Beser (B.S., ’02), has joined Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati in the firm’s New York office as a corporate partner. He will be a member of the emerging companies practice, representing early- and growth-stage consumer brands and technology and life sciences companies in corporate matters and will also serve as outside general counsel.

Jason Borges (M.S., ’02) recently relocated to Ohio to become the director for student housing at the University of Akron.

Stpehanie Spindler

Stephanie Spindler (M.F.A., ’02) has recently been awarded her Ph.D. from The University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Art. After receiving her M.F.A. from CSU in 2002, she moved to Scotland as a practicing artist and then to England to pursue a higher degree in fine art practice-led research. This project was interdisciplinary using a sculpture installation and feminist theory investigating how sexual difference is integral to subjectivity. She and her partner Adam Bell are relocating to Fort Collins in April.

Melanie Calderwood (B.S., ’06) was hired by the University of Arizona College of Medicine- Phoenix to work with the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship, the Rural Health Professions Program, the Primary Care Scholars, the Service and Community Health COD program, and the Community Health Initiative- Phoenix.


Daniel (M.S., ’14) and Madeline Haddad announced the birth of a son, Rex Daniel Haddad, born on February 2, 2021 in Waco, Texas.


In Memoriam



Peter Olsen (D.V.M., ’49)

Willard Walker (B.S., ’49)



Joan Anderson  (B.S., ’50)

Celeste Parker (B.S., ’50)

Russell Maxwell (B.S., ’51)

Glenn Jones (B.S., ’52)

J. L. Hooper (B.S., ’53)

Henry Binkley, Jr. (B.S., ’54)

Al Dorsey, Jr. (B.S., ’54)

Tom Doherty (B.S., ’56; M.Ed., ’66)

Dr. Keith Schiager (B.S., ’56)

Leon Kumor (B.S., ’57)



Maynard Gartin (B.S., ’61)

Herbert Snow (B.S., ’63)

Tommy Vaughn (B.S., ’63)

Shirley Elfbrandt (B.S., ’64)

Nancy Morgan (B.A., ’64)

David Gracey (B.S., ’65)

Thomas McCants (B.S., ’66)

Michael Schulz (B.S., ’66)

Allen Eddy (B.s., ’67)

Edward Grazier (B.S., ’68)

David Hitztaler (B.S., CEET, ’68)

Richard Watkins, Jr., Ph.D. (Ph.D., ’68)



Alan Finlayson (B.S., ’70; D.V.M., ’72)

Paul Beaber (B.A., ’71)

Alonso Villegas (M.S., ’71)

Walter Emmert (M.Ed., ’72)

Judith Toliver (B.A., ’72)

Elizabeth Albright (B.A., ’73)

Thomas Colbert (B.S., ’73)

Edward Condreay (B.S., ’74; M.S., ’83)

Walter Edling (Ph.D., ’74)

George Fosdick (Ph.D., ’75)

Thomas McCloy (M.S., ’75)

Kenneth Karwowski (M.Ed., ’76)

William Lewis (B.S., ’78)



Tana Hetrick (B.S., ’80; D.V.M., ’85)

Dennis Metz (B.S., ’81)

Dennis Brenner (B.S., ’82)

Floyd Taladay (B.S., ’82)

Dana Bradley (B.S., ’83)

Kimberly Kelley (B.S., ’84)

Charles Schiell (M.B.A., ’85)

Scott Baggs (B.S., ’82, ’86)

Chuck Sperry (Ph.D., ’87)

Susan Marks (M.S.W., ’89)



Meagan Helzer (M.S., ’91)

Bonnie McVey (M.Ed., ’91)

Wendy Haworth (B.S., ’93)

Judson Standard (B.S., ’94)

Myrna Armes (M.Ed., ’95)

Gregory Burpo (B.S., ’96)

Paul Hanway (M.S.W., ’96)

Brendon Murphy (M.S., ’96)

Mara Deering (B.S., ’98)



Kevin Lavelle (B.S., ’00; D.V.M., ’16)

Ryan Blume (B.S., ’01)

Brian Hunt (B.A., ’07)



Kayla Cash (B.A., ’12)



John Arkley

Brad Varndell

Jacquelyn Worthington



Shirley Brown

Megan Cheese

Steven Cooper

Dr. Gerald Kozlowski

Norma Mill

Sandra Ramey


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