Class Notes – April 2020

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Sara Easterly’s (B.A., ’94) debut memoir, Searching for Mom, is a Gold Medal winner in the 2020 Illumination Book Awards in the Biography/Memoir-Personal Struggle category.


Jan Janura (B.S., ’71) and his wife, Carol, returned to Hinsdale last year for his 50th high school reunion. Janura now owns an 1,100-acre ranch in Montana where he hosts fly fishing trips, a far cry from his first paying job as a member of the rock band “The Birds.”


Mark Brandly (B.S., ’80) earned his Ph.D. in economics from Auburn University in 1998, specializing in Public Finance and International Economics, after a career in the Colorado oil and gas industry managing drilling and oil and gas production as a co-founder of Brandly Oilman Consultants, Inc. He’s currently is a tenured economics professor of at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan, and a Mises Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.

Bonnie O’Neil (B.S., ’85) just published her fourth book on data subjects called The Data Catalog: Sherlock Holmes Data Sleuthing for Analytics. The Data Catalog brings context to data and helps data scientists zero in on the data assets that offer the most promise for building statistical models. She works for The MITRE Corporation as a Data Architect and Principal Computer Scientist; she gives presentations worldwide on Data Management and currently consults with federal agencies especially in the area of Data Catalog acquisition and implementation.


Mary Iannone-Walker (M.S.W., ’95) owns Face-to-Face Integrated Technologies, which won the Amazon Web Services Innovation Challenge in December 2019 in the Equity and Sustainability category for developing a cost-effective and easy-to-use child welfare case management system. Face-to-Face IT is using the award credits and Amazon Cloud support to launch an ICWA Inquiry and Determination system, available free to all American Indian tribes.

Senator Gardner and Michael Lohman
Michael Lohman with Senator Cory Gardner


Andrew Nickel (’00) and Chelsey Nickel (’08) welcomed their first daughter, Cora Rose, into the world in February 2020.


Michael Lohman (B.A., ’18) was presented with the Congressional Badge of Bravery by Senator Cory Gardner for actions taken in 2017 while serving as a Colorado State University police officer. At the time of the incident, Lohman was enrolled as a full-time student completing his bachelor’s degree in international studies. Since graduating, Michael has continued to serve the surrounding community as a police officer and small business owner.


In Memoriam



Edward McKim (B.S., ’48)

Jack Curfman (B.S., ’49)



Ruby Priola (B.S., ’53)

Van Hayes, Jr. (B.S., ’54)

J. John Mohorcich (B.S., ’54)

Clark Vanderhoof (B.S., ’55; D.V.M., ’57)

Roberta Burley (B.S., ’57)

Duane Flack (B.S., ’57; D.V.M., ’59)

Jack Peverley (B.S., ’58)



Frank Farina, Jr. (B.S., ’60; B.A., ’63)

Sigel Ross (B.S., ’63)

David Goeglein (B.S., ’65)

James Loshbaugh (B.S., ’65; M.A., ’68)

Brownie McGraw (CERT, ’65; B.S., ’65; M.Ed., ’72)

Franklin Allen, III (B.S., ’68)

Dan Farrington (D.M.V., ’68)

Ernest Worsham (B.S., ’68)

Kenneth McElvain (B.S., ’69)



Kenneth Willmarth (CERT, ’70; B.E., ’70)

Linda Roesener (B.A., ’72; M.Ed., ’74)

Edward Cordes (B.S., ’74)

Gregory Walerius (B.S., ’75)



Deborah Lacey (B.S., ’82; M.S., ’91)

Sylvia Allen (M.Ed., ’88)

Jerrod Samber (B.S., ’93; M.S., ’95)

Bob Zakely (M.S., ’94)



Dwight Blood

Beverly Carter

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Alice Wallace, LHD


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