Celebrate I Love CSU Day

In times like this, the ways we celebrate the most meaningful moments and milestones in our lives are changing. We organize virtual birthday parties for our kids and friends. Orchestras play music via Zoom meetings. We gather online for game nights and happy hours. Though we may be separated, we still find ways to be together.

Each year on April 18, Rams around the world celebrate I Love CSU Day. This Saturday will be no different. In fact, it’s more important than ever to maintain our traditions.

Normally, the CSU Alumni Association works with the Colorado Governor’s office to produce an official document proclaiming April 18 I Love CSU Day. Of course, our circumstances are far from normal. So, instead of asking the governor’s busy staff to produce the proclamation, we watched with gratitude and a good deal of pride when Governor Polis addressed the citizens of Colorado about the COVID-19 pandemic on April 6.

During his speech, Governor Polis specifically called out Colorado State University’s broad efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, including vaccine research and personal protective equipment testing (read about them here). These efforts reflect the very best of CSU and should make every Ram proud. They serve as their own kind of proclamation that in the face of a crisis, we are stalwart.