Being Held Accountable for Your Goals

By Angela Hayes, Ph.D.

How can you dramatically increase the chances of success in meeting your goals? By giving yourself or having someone else give you “homework” that has to do with your goals and holding yourself accountable. Your chances of success go up significantly if you allow someone else to hold you accountable as well. Whether it’s to rework your resume, research companies of interest, take the first steps toward creating your own business, start and maintain an exercise program or any number of other activities, accountability makes a big difference.

According to research by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) the odds of a person performing an action go up dramatically when they have a specific accountability appointment.

The probability of completing a goal if:

  • You have an idea or a goal:  10%
  • You consciously decide you will do it:  25%
  • You decide when you will do it:  40%
  • You plan how you will do it:  50%
  • You commit to someone you will do it:  65%
  • You have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to:  95%

So what are you waiting for? Plan out your goals, pick an accountability partner and go for it!

Angela Hayes, Associate Director of Alumni and Online Career Engagement

ANGELA HAYES serves as the Associate Director of Alumni and Online Career Engagement. Prior to coming to CSU, she worked as the Assistant Director of Alumni and Graduate Student Career Services at Kansas State University. She has a B.S. in psychology, an M.S. in industrial/organizational psychology and a Ph.D. in professional coaching and human development. She’s a nationally Board Certified Coach and a nationally Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

She has a passion for helping others to see their lives as full of possibilities and un-tapped potential. She views changes/transitions (both planned and unplanned) as opportunities for individuals to discover and plan out what they really want from their careers and lives.